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Consistent, professional design that performs, generates trust and builds brand recognition as your guests find you across the internet.

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Recognition – whether your business is service or product oriented you do need consistent branding throughout your promotion.

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Original visuals to support your message, making complex ideas easily understood. Naturalistic and illustrative styles in a range of mediums.

RhinoInk Web Design

A Brief Bio

Born in Western Canada, Evelyn Shifflett is a freelance artist currently residing in Streetsville, Ontario. She has an adventurous spirit, loves a creative challenge and has a great sense of humour.

She established RhinoInk Illustrations Ltd. in 2003 after graduating from Sheridan Art College, through which she offers a wide range of creative skills; from digital services to hands on arts n’ crafts. Honesty and openness are two virtues she emphasizes with her clients as it’s important to her that she fully understands their needs in producing a valuable professional product.

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    The artist in your neighbourhood – or close enough anyway.

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    With all sorts of creative skill sets, from crayon to web and so much more!

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    Over a decade of providing high quality creative services.

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    Efficiency – getting it right the first time by asking all the right questions.

An ARTIST is not paid for their labour, but for their VISIONJames Whisller