Affordable Web Services

So I get this in my email:

From: C. W. (redacted)
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2016 5:21 PM
To: cw @ (changed)
Subject: Web Designing and seo Services With Affordable Price

Hi, Hope you have a fabulous day!!
Our company mainly deals in Digital Marketing, Website Designing & development, E-commerce websites, & any type of web applications. We provide complete technical support to firms overseas and provide customize solutions within affordable price range.

Please have a look at following services…………
· High quality creative website design & development
· E-commerce website
· Web Application Development
· SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
· ORM (Online Reputation Management)
· SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Please, leave us an email, to know more about our processes, methodology & Price detail.
If you have any query, we will be happy to provide you our quick assistance.

Best Regards,
C.W. (redacted)
Business Development Manager

– – – – – – – – – –

OMG… Don’t get me started on the editing.  Too late!  Uggh!  Abuse of capitalization and punctuation!  It vexes me so.

First off, the subject line: Web Designing and seo Services With Affordable Price
Should be: Web Design and SEO Services With Affordable Prices
Right off the bat I know these folks are not local and English is not their first language, or if it is, they didn’t pay much attention in school (’cause we’ve all met that linguistically challenged person, am I right?)

Moving on, there’s no website and there’s no domain address with official email.  This is some person somewhere on the globe with a list of web related contacts fishing for new leads.  And I get that – business is business and if I needed to farm out some of my projects their list of services is right up my alley.  But there are no references, no samples and no online evidence that this company actually exists.  Hey, I could just as easily say, “I do botox injections, furniture restoration and auto repair.  Call me!” but those would be lies.  Even if they weren’t lies you might want to see some evidence of experience, right?  I’d hope so.

I actually had a client contact me about doing a mural for her nursery.  When I asked if she had seen my portfolio online she said, “No, I just found a listing on some directory.”  Huh.  Oh well, her lucky day.  I’m actually quite good and affordable.

OK, so here’s what I replied to this fly-by-night charlatan:

I work locally with local clients who like to meet face-to-face. Any skill set they require that is above my understanding is shared, with the client’s knowledge, with other local freelancers who’s focus may be more on the technical side, me being a visual artist.

I provide all the services you’ve listed below… with the exception of ORM. New one. Yeah, I’d rather spend my time doing stuff I’m good at than billing dozens of hours to an abstract.

There’s that, an you haven’t provided any links to your site or even mentioned your company name. BIG RED FLAG. “Oh yeah, we’re experts with online stuff… but can’t be bothered to market ourselves.” I suspect if I were to see your site it’ll just be some pretty customized WordPress template filled with other WordPress sites as your portfolio. It’s all just plug and play with the exception of visual branding – which is what I specifically do.

I mean seriously, even your email is generic. You’re farming for suckers to pass on to some outsourced, out-of-country “puppy mill” of under paid and unappreciated web geeks. Nope – I’m keeping the local community thriving.

So no, I’m not interested in outsourcing my well paying job to some generic company somewhere on the planet, but thanks anyway.


Local community is important.  Yes you can get over seas services “cheaper”.  I’ll charge you $40 per hour while they may charge you only $10 per hour.  But here’s the thing; you’ll get my services in a timely manner with an itemized list of all the tasks performed and how long each task took.  You’ll know exactly what you’ve paid for and value those services knowing your website not only looks great, but it wasn’t just slapped together as per some random formula by someone who doesn’t care – they just want to get paid and go home.  Working locally also means you know that the one hour that was charged to you was just that – one hour, not 8 hours of taking their sweet time plus the frustration of language barriers, trying to get it close to what you kind of want, spaced over a week or more because of their massive work load as a result of cheap, global, mass production.

But then, if you got the time, you just don’t care and the bottom dollar is a cheep hourly rate as opposed to the invoice total, I totally get that.

I once did a t-shirt design for a guy who wanted to promote his company like the beer companies do with their “free t-shirt in a box” campaigns.  Rather than to go through his local printer who’d have charged $10 per quality Canadian shirt, he opted to go for the $2 per shirt deal, minimum 1000 units, printed on an unfashionable blue and rather cheap fabric with hit n’ miss stitching, arriving on a slow boat from China.  His deal cost him $3000 after taxes and delivery.  To this day those boxes sit stacked on a pallet in his warehouse.  No one wanted one.  We could have tried a run of 25 shirts for only $250, pick up and distribute ourselves and maybe even wear with pride… But no, that’s not how the story goes.