Word of the Day: Bespoke

I keep coming across this word when researching other web design sites. Bespoke: Custom made. Originally from the tailoring industry, as in a custom fit suit. I guess I should squeeze that in here somewhere. Before you know it everyone will be wanting a bespoke website!

Instagram Fom Laptop

Learned something new today… posting on Instagram via computer. Well, that’s not very intuitive. 1.) go to Instagram with Chrome browser 2.) open developer’s view 3.) hit mobile icon 4.) upload images and… get your descriptions and hash tags ready.

Lower Prices Do Not Equal Savings

Well that was easy. Client calls up and shows me the dog’s breakfast that her new “team of designers” came up with for her new website home page. 1.) a group of kids fresh out of college might luck out and make a few things pretty but they haven’t the years of understanding how every single element plays off the …