Lower Prices Do Not Equal Savings

Well that was easy. Client calls up and shows me the dog’s breakfast that her new “team of designers” came up with for her new website home page.

1.) a group of kids fresh out of college might luck out and make a few things pretty but they haven’t the years of understanding how every single element plays off the next.

2.) a group of kids fresh out of college will do whatever you say because you’re the boss. They are not going to offer up fresh ideas or better solutions to your knee-jerk solutions, and PS you haven’t the formal training of a designer either.

3.) A group of kids fresh out of college is still going to cost you minimum wage over a great many more heads who take a lot longer even as a group to figure out how the new technology works.

I know I don’t come cheep. Neither am I expensive because I’m a freelancer I have no overhead.

I’m experienced, so I’ve been figuring out all theses new fangled websites for a while now. Every day they are coming out with something different to make their operating system look unique, but the logic is the same so I’m a very fast study.

I’ve also got a good eye for design and can tell you in advance about colour psychology, what will and won’t work as far as photos go and why scale matters. I’m happy to go through the motions and show you all the bad ideas, but if you trust me, I can show you what will work with far less trial and error.

AND… you’re the boss. So yeah, I’ll do every thing that’s asked of me – your wish is my command. I know, it is starting to look like the dog’s breakfast again. You are not a designer.

No problem, I can put everything back the way it was, the way the theme came out of the box.

No, you can’t have those 90 minutes for free because nothing has changed. If I paid you to run around the race track and you finished up back at the start line, did you not just run around the track? Looks like nothing’s changed to me.