BAM! I saved the day again! (malware)

Enzo’s, in the heart of Streetsville, family owned and operated for over 33 years, specializing in casual Italian dining, fully licensed, offering take out, catering and private parties

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Enzo’s just got a face lift (online)!  After a malware visit or two we decided that it was time to updated the site for security reasons. That and the site was a little dated.  Not that there was anything wrong with the look, which incidentally matches their 80’s retro family restaurant interior, but…
• It’s now mobile friendly!
• The look is brighter and more modern.
• The navigation is easier without the drop-downs.
• The restaurant menu is condensed – they really didn’t need 4 pages for beverages, beer, wine and cocktails.
• The restaurant menu includes a few favourable reviews.
• Their popular Pizza Night is prominently promoted
• There’s now a footer area to promote a charity and their services
• There are links to assorted online review sites where guests can contribute.  Yeah, it’s a mixed bag of reviews and only the best have been included on the website (naturally), but that is the nature of food service.  You take the good, you take the bad (and make improvements) and there you have it – a local family favourite that’s been in business for over 30 years!

Enzos, Two Guys From Italy … before

That malware stuff can be scary, but not if your web support is on their game.

As soon as I’m finished a project I BACK IT UP!  I send a copy to the owner and to myself and I save one on the host.  This is a squeaky clean version of your website.  When the host provider (in this case Godaddy – great service) sent us a message saying, “you’ve got malware” due to no fault of our own, all I have to do is log onto the server, delete all and replace with the clean files.  BAM!  I saved the day again!

But what about any updates – in this case, price changes?  Not a problem.  With a CMS site the information that you read is all safely tucked away on a database away from your actual website files.  The files is where the malware generally makes a mess of itself.  Replace all these and your updates will still be there.