3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank

Neil Patel
I like this guy – easy to understand, simple effective message.
Totally going to be watching more of his videos.

1.) Be descriptively thorough in your articles – I was right about being wordy! How can you make matches if you’re not wordy? Don’t buy into those “new” marketer messages where it’s all about the pictures folks. A picture may say a 1000 words, but it doesn’t spell out a darn thing.

2.) Title tag! Meta description! Page content… make it match! But in a nice conversational way that’s easy to read and appealing. If it’s not appealing who’s going to stick around and read that stuff?

3.) Use Google Search Console. It’s free. It’ll tell you what people are really looking for so you can pad those articles appropriately.

Bonus tip 1: Title tag (browser window title) / snippet (meta description) / page content: make it match!
Confirm rank by googling the search phrase that the console shows as doing well. Does it even link to me? What page? Make the content of that page reflect that search phrase. (Make sure changing your content doesn’t hurt other successful search phrases.)

Bonus tip 2: Keyword link anchor thingys – redirects to pages with target key phrase to boost that page, even from within your own website. If Home page is doing well, keep plugging the home page. Why not?