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Evelyn Shifflett spent her early childhood years in rural Portland, Ontario, her teen years in small town Grande Prairie, Alberta and upon graduating from high school, moved to the big city of Calgary as a young adult. She currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario where she makes a living as a graphic artist.

Illustration courses exposed Evelyn to a variety of techniques while focusing on the fundamentals of design and visual communications. She has had hands on experience in print making, paper crafts and textile arts. Much emphasis was put on computer arts as a means of self promotion. Since graduating Evelyn has learned a lot more about designing for the web on her own.

Evelyn has an adventurous spirit and loves a creative challenge. When a client asks “Can you do this?” the answer is almost always “Yes.”, even if it means having to do a little research to figure out how. The two exceptions are anime and graffiti. Other artist have spent a life time perfecting that look. It’s not something easily imitated. She also believes that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. While she understands that speed and efficiency are desirable in the workplace, so is a professional, polished looking quality product.

Through RhinoInk Evelyn provides a wide range of creative services, from web to print and so much more. She often works with other promotional / packaging companies to provide more complete service for their clients as needed.

While attending Sheridan College of Animation and Design I had decided that I would make rhinos the subject of all my projects. That way, when I graduated I would at least have a portfolio that was consistent in theme if not style and medium.

The choice to use rhinos was completely arbitrary as rhinos are very flexible. They are big, aggressive and powerful with no natural enemies. On the other hand, they are on the brink of extinction, fragile and in need of our help. Plus they are pretty cool to look at with strong graphic shapes.

Well, after having rendered so many rhinoceros illustrations and after having collected so much rhinoceros reference material and paraphernalia, the image kind of stuck. I became the rhinoceros lady.

I thought I was being original when I called myself RhinoInk (one word, capital I) but it turns out there was another before me – Janet Stevens. She’s a successful illustrator who’s work I had admired while a student at art college. Small world.

I still like it, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t been so clever with the one word thing. Rhino Ink is much easier to read and remember – Rhino like the animal, Ink like a pen. Without the capitalization it also looks funny and sometimes gets pronounced Rhin Oink.

I opted for a .ca because “proudly Canadian”. I should have bought the other common .domains at the time, before domain providers started raising the prices of domains with common words. For only $2000 I could also be sitting on rhinoink.com!.. If it were available. An ink company in Calgary had been using it until they closed up shop and took their site down.

A collection is a group of things gathered or collected. A person is a collector when they brings items together into a group. People collect different things for lots of reasons… including just for fun!

This collection includes rhinoceros toys, sculpture, jewelry, beads, office supplies, pillows, ornaments and other home decor stuff. The white rhino head mounted on the wall is not real. It’s one of those fibreglass sculptures you might see in a restaurant. The white ivory table top sculpture is actually made of resin. No rhinos were harmed in the gathering of this collection.

EROS is defined as an aesthetic and poetic love. Is it any coincidence that rhinoceros ends with “eros”? You gotta love these brutes.

Check out my collection.

  • A Poem

    Author Unknown

    Rhinoceros, rhinoceros.
    Sometimes he makes a dreadful fuss.
    He has a big horn on his nose.
    He snorts and rumbles as he goes.
    He’s very long and very wide.
    He has a very wrinkled hide.
    He has big hoofs on his four feet.
    We feed him grass and hay to eat.
    Rhinoceros, rhinoceros
    He is surely not a pet for us.

  • A Prop

    I’m a big girl.

    Can you believe the photographer gave me grief about using a toy rhino prop? Pul-eeeze!! What about those ratty fake roses they thrust into the arms of every female graduate? I should think that by the ripe old age of 33 I should be capable of making big-girl decisions like posing with a rhinoceros if I want to.

    He’s the one aspiring to institutional gigs.
    I’m the one celebrating a mile stone!


  • Grand Prairie Composite High, Grande Prairie AB, with Honours, Grad of 88!
  • Grand Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie AB, 1990-1992, Majored in Bio & Chem
  • Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary AB, 1997-1999, Visual Communications
  • Sheridan College of Design, Oakville ON, 2000-2003, Interpretive Illustration


  • web design, customization
  • joomla, wordpress, diy sites
  • mobile platforms
  • illustration
  • painting, water colour, acrylic
  • writing
  • editing, positive spin
  • gardening

Evelyn’s Rhinoceros Collection