I’ve been doing a bit of copy / paste formatting for the clients lately.  I’m not asked to proof read or edit, which is really hard for me not to – I do need to understand the content so paragraghs can be aligned to appropriate imagery, etc…  But as far as touching the content to make sentence structure more pleasing… not my circus / not my monkeys!  Let it be (unless requested).

One of my peeves lately is the word “also”.  So unassuming, so simple.  And appropriate most of the time because they also do that.  But it’s such an unnecessarily wimpy word!

We do this. – Yay!  Now we know what you do!
We also do that. – OK.  That makes sense.  We now know you do this and that.
We also do this. – That’s sort of handy.
We also do this. – Wow, so… a jack of all trades, a little bit of everything.
We also… OK, let me stop you right there.  Drop the “also”.  “Also” is simply watering down your message, like you have the skill but it’s really just something you do on the side because you can make a buck.

If you provide it, be proud of it.  We do this, that and the other thing!  Now you’re the expert in all three things.


• I’m a web designer.  I also do social pages.  I also do custom graphics.  I also do news letters.  I also… (snooze).

• I’m a web designer who specializes in custom graphics.  I provide support for websites, social pages and newsletters.

See the difference?  Confidence!  It’s not like you’re going to get some wishy-washy attempt at decorating your social pages and promotions after the website is set up.  You’re going to get a full support package when it comes to all the services I provide.

Drop the “also”.  It might have it’s place in writing, but not here when describing what it is you offer.