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Hand-Drawn Infographics

“When Sociologist W. E. B. Dd Bois crafted his brilliant and colourful data visualizations for the World’s Fair in 1900, he didn’t have the help of a computer. Neither did Florence Nightingale when she visualized the causes of death in the Crimean Warin the 1850s. In the early days of data visualization, people made info-graphics by hand because they had to. Today, that’s not the case. Designers can use software, styli, and tablets to craft glossy data visualizations—and plenty of them do. But many still prefer simple tools—and use them to fantastic effect.”

Source: The Nerdy Charm of Artisanal, Hand-Drawn Infographics

I like this. Visual communications isn’t always about wowing the audience with shiny things. Some times it’s really just about conveying the ideas; making your point without all the hoopla. It’s disarming, comfortable, casual… hand-drawn graphics are friendly.