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Craft a Day Challenge

Craft a Day Challenge – which I’m sure I’m going to fail miserably at but it’s a start. I’ve been doing a lot of craft research lately… it’s time to start doing.

Today I stray painted a set of 3 tin cans of assorted sizes dark blue. I’m going to glue them together, embellish them with paper, ribbons and bling-bling and call it a caddy. I know, right? So lame. But I’ve been collecting these cans for a while and pretty much the only “craft” I can find for them is decorate it and call it a can. Cans come in handy because you can put stuff in them like pencils and forks. When you group them they become a caddy for putting like things in them such as toiletries. Alternatively, I could pound nails through them and call them tea candle lanterns.

The blue paint made me think of the blue sweater that just got trashed in the wash. Maybe I’ll do some cans for myself, dress them up with recycled sweater parts. I say “for myself” because most of my crafting is going to go into my Bread n Honey Craft table this year and the sweater is the same colour of blue that just painted my feature wall, so I’m using it to accessorize.

Oh, oh! I just made this up (© Feb 2, Evelyn Shifflett)… throw in a handful of dried beans and rice. Cover the whole thing in paper maché, sealing in the beans and rice. Decorate it and call it a maraca… or better, a Can-rauca™ ’cause I can rock out with it. I know, lame. But hey, I’ve been wanting to make myself an ugly stick too, so what’s the difference? It’s a noise maker.

Decorated Gam Can Caddy
Decorated Glam Cans with denim and burlap.
Decorated Pen Cans
Decorated Pen Cans with textiles.
Woodsie Faubs
Keychains made from a length of stick.
Girly Goat and Creepy Bunny
Girly Goat and Creepy Bunny creature stuffies.

OK – one a day is a bit ambitious.  But I am making the effort and enjoying the playtime.