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Rhinoceros Beetle Restoration

This is my latest project – restoring a specimen. This is an Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas) from Indonesia.  I found it in a thrift shop for $3 and thought, “Ooo!  My luck day!”  I like rhinos, I like bugs.  Rhino bugs rock.

It was in a bad state with it’s head and limbs falling off and being eaten by littler bugs (which I discovered upon opening).  No biggy – I put it out on the balcony for a week in the middle of winter.  No more live bugs.  I glued him back together with some super glue and goop and then shined him up with some bronze and black nail polish.  I got rid of the gross sponge the beetle had been glued to and the box got new wall paper lining.  Mr. Altas will be happily hanging on my wall for some time to come.  Well, happier than my partner about it anyway.  Whatever.

Yay bugs!

Rhinoceros beetle, aka Atlas beetle