I Want to Be More Artist-y

Totally scored today.  I didn’t even know there was a book that came out after the 5 behemoths I’d devoured from her Highlander series. Scored a hardcover edition of Diana Gabaldon’s “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood” for only $2 at the hospital today. mmmmmmm… brain candy. Waiting… In 35 minutes I’ll saunter back to the chemo ward for treatment. …

Word of the Day: Bespoke

I keep coming across this word when researching other web design sites. Bespoke: Custom made. Originally from the tailoring industry, as in a custom fit suit. I guess I should squeeze that in here somewhere. Before you know it everyone will be wanting a bespoke website!

Instagram Fom Laptop

Learned something new today… posting on Instagram via computer. Well, that’s not very intuitive. 1.) go to Instagram with Chrome browser 2.) open developer’s view 3.) hit mobile icon 4.) upload images and… get your descriptions and hash tags ready.

Woo-hoo! I’m Done!

You know the old story – The shoemaker’s kids go barefoot. It’s taken me FOREVER to update my website. Fortunately I started way back in October setting up individual WordPress folders for all my individual disciplines. I started doing that as a practice as I became more and more familiar with pro level themes and it was a good thing …