Free Classifieds

☆ ☆ ☆ – this one was awesome!
After the ad was posted a page comes up where you can share your ad on all sorts of social media with just a click: I did Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ – links to website. – links to website. – links to website. – links to website. – links to website. – links to website.  But no Photo. – links to website.
This site is a little hinky because it automatically lists you as a commercial seller so it thinks you’re moving product when in in fact I’m just providing a service. – I know, I know… But once in a while I get a lead. You just have to be firm with these ad replies because they will nickel and dime you. – craigslist’s little brother, it’s the online classified section for NOW newspaper – no free clickable link – I get a fair number of responses from this one. – no clickable link – no clickable link – no clickable link – no clickable link – no clickable link – no clickable link.
This one is pretty Mickey Mouse. There isn’t even a login to manage your account. But there’s like no competition. Not sure why their favicon is that of Hostgator… or maybe my machine did that. – no clickable link.
This one was a wee bit annoying because after I created my account I had to wait a whole half hour before I could post my ad. What is up with that? I mean, my email address was verified. What does that wait do other than make one forget what they were doing and wander away from the website? When I finally could post, the category options are not appropriate, or at least near impossible to find. Services isn’t even an option because I’m in Mississauga. Whatever. I searched for “web design” and I came up.  Also feels Mickey Mouse. – 24 hours just to get an activation link?! huh?

>:( – links to website… But when you click it a warning pops up saying this site has Malware!  I think it’s on their website because it sure isn’t on mine.  Also makes you add a price like you’r moving product and not just providing a service.  Not thrilled about the paid ad space above me being an escort service, but at least it’s not the competition.