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Graphic Design

Marketing Design

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials that sell yourself, your products and business. Get the word out about who you are and what you do. 

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Support Materials

Support Materials

Invite clientele to your real world or online store with information and valuable incentives. Branded tools to support your business.

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Presentation Materials

Visual aids that illustrate your ideas. Simplifying complex concepts and making the sale by showing your clients the future.

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A resident of Streetsville, Mississauga, Evelyn Shifflett is a graphic artist offering a wide range of creative services including hands-crafted and digital products for print and web based applications.

From well established businesses to start-ups and individuals; companies of all sizes and natures depend on RhinoInk for a wide range of graphic design services, delivered in a timely manner with common sense pricing.  Logo design, business cards, brochures, displays and more, large or small - whatever your project - my goal is to exceed your expectations by providing real value for your investment; creating an image for you that attracts customers and instills confidence in what you have to offer - your service and/or product. RhinoInk will help set you apart from the competition with strong, top notch design for a strong, memorable, unified brand.

Mission: Good design is something one can be proud of. My goal is to provide an level of excellence that not only pleases me, but makes your business shine too.

Values: Asking the right questions from the beginning ensures work efficiency, reducing time and expense, but not the value of your design projects.

What You Can Expect

Local Graphic Artist

A Local Artist:
We can meet face to face for clear communication of your design requirements.

Affordable Graphic Design

Without the inflated cost of big firm overhead, you only pay for quality service time.

Experienced Designer

Designing graphics in a multitude of fields for print and web for more than a decade.

Talented Artist

Visual communications training with natural intuition, taking cues from your likes.


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Graphic Design & Creative Services

Lets get those projects started and your business moving today!

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