Client: Aurora Marine

Aurora Marine Industries is a company out of Mississauga, Ontario that creates, manufactures and distributes boat cleaning, protecting and performance enhancing products. They also provide similar products for the maintenance of RV’s, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. RhinoInk design services include photo editing, product information sheets for consumers and sales, label design, product mockups, custom branding plus web and email design… all with an emphasis on brand recognition.

Aurora Marine Industries Portfolios

Aurora Marine Boat Care

Aurora Alpine Snowmobile Care

OnIt Surf Board Care

Graphic design services from 2003 to 2006.

Website Management

Online Store: Online order forms were created and linked to the catalog pages as well as to an online payment gateway
Catalog Pages: A consistent layout for unique products with links to directions, MSDS information and related items
Product Directions: Direction pages linked to catalog pages and MSDS safety sheets
MSDS Pages: These listed the chemical properties and safety issues per product. These pages were linked to downloadable PDFS
Find a Dealer: Locator maps and directories for finding local distributors
Aurora Marine Club: An online resource for customers including Product Information, Featured Product Specials, Newsletter subscriptions and general interests of a nautical theme.
Dealers & Distributors Pages: An online resource for distributors including Posters, Product Information Sheets, customer coupons and Order Forms. Most of the promotional material provided to distributors included incentives to have customers visit brick n’ mortar stores, including distributable flyers, bag stuffers and boat bucks that featured seasonally relevant boat maintenance products.

Sales Support:

With retail having to be one step ahead of the consumer, this advertising that was tailored to entice distributors to stock up with special bulk pricing and seasonal alerts for boat maintenance products. Materials were provided as online newsletters as well as full-colour ads and black & white fax appropriate material.

Design For Print:

Posters: Eye catching Ads aimed at the consumer emphasizing lifestyle over boat maintenance.
Hand outs: Some directed at consumers, some at distributors
Packaging: For Aurora Marine Industries products, Aurora divisions, including car and RV care and off-road equipment protection, and custom packaging for other companies who wanted to sell these products under their own label

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