Client: For All Occasions Gift Baskets

For All Occasions Gift Baskets

Established in 2001, For All Occasions Gift Baskets and Sweets happily provides personalized and readymade gift baskets, catering to individuals, charitable organizations, small business and major corporations throughout the Aurora, Newmarket and Toronto area.
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Client: BITA Group

BITA Group

BITA Group provides vision and leadership for implementing information technology initiatives that improve cost effectiveness and business development, including voice, data, imaging, and office automation. By offering strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation and coordination of systems, BITA Group ensures uninterrupted operations while providing improvements.
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Client: Minicards

Minicards Canada

Minicards Canada is a regular client of RhinoInk Graphic Design. Besides producing many original designs for them, we also inspect all incoming designs for format compliance that may have been created in-house by their clients. Besides their main Minicards product, we also provide marketing tools like graphics for presentation and display mounts, media kits, web support and self-promotion material.
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Client: Permaboss


RhinoInk Graphic Design provided Permaboss with graphic design services for print, stitch, embossing and web. These included sample files for demonstrating their embossing and laser machines, icons for their technology development, promotion material for trade shows and packaging & shelving displays. Whatever visual that was required, we were there to make it happen.
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Client: Pat Francis Ministries

Pat Francis Ministries

Kingdom Covenant is a regular client of RhinoInk Graphic Design. We provide graphic services for print and web. These two areas of design are often overlapping as we strive to maintain a unifying brand as per their current focus, whether that be their local church activities, business networking conferences or global missions to provide aid in times of need.
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Client: Mega Posters

Mega Poster

Mega Poster is a Toronto advertising company that specializes in large format printed and painted ads (billboards) in high traffic locations.
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Client: Aurora Marine

Aurora Marine Industries

RhinoInk Graphic Design provided Aurora Marine Industries with graphic design services for both print and web. These included support material for the sales team, advertising for their clients and product packaging with coordinating promotional material. Our emphasis was on creating a consistent, immediately recognizable brand whether the customer found them online or held one of their many products in their hand.
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Client: Cathim Plastic Cards

Cathim Plastic Cards

RhinoInk Graphic Design provided Cathim Inc. with graphic design services for their plastic cards products including gift cards, loyalty programs, memory cards and display hangers. We also created their website and provided them with marketing materials such as target specific brochures and powerpoint branding.
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Client: Innovate Marketing

Innovative Inc Marketing

They help high end companies reach their specific niché markets.
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Client: The Keystone Pub

The Keystone Pub

The Keystone Pub has many daily and weekly specials for patrons to enjoy and has quickly become one of the most popular pubs in Meadowvale, full of both character and characters!
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