Design for Business Basics

Graphic design services for your business - producing the files you need to express who you are and what you do. From logos for your company and products to stationary for your professional communications including business cards, envelopes and letterhead, plus promotional tools to help spread the word such as postcards, rack cards, posters, handouts, brochures, pamphlets and product sheets.

RhinoInk Design Logos

Logo Design

A strong logo design is industry relevant, describable, effective with or without colour and works well at any size. Consistency is key to establishing a memorable brand.

RhinoInk Design Business Cards

Business Card Design

The simplest reminder of you and your company that can be handed to a potential partner or client, business cards are most needed when you haven't got one on you.

RhinoInk Design Postcards

Postcard Design

Eye-catching postcards are a great way to promote events or special offers. Mail them directly, have them as pick-up material or use them as bag-stuffers at POS or in gift bags.

RhinoInk Design Handouts

Design for Handouts

Handouts are informative materials given freely to educate customers, including brochures, pamphlets, menus, catalogues, order forms, product coupons and more.

Custom Graphics

From icons to infographics, from photo editing to reinvention, producing images that are uniquely your own. Inspiration my be drawn from common imagery, but the end product is yours. Your look, your brand, your requirements. And vector art - for when you need that file scaled to any size or production quality for decorative applications such as etching, embossing, embroidery and more.

RhinoInk Design Maps

Custom Graphics

When clipart won't do. Custom graphics can be anything from buttons and icons that match your website to original info graphics that support your message.

RhinoInk Design Photo Editing

Image Editing Services

Image editing services include changing colours, removing backgrounds and adding logos. Portraits can be enhanced. Consistent formatting for product images.

RhinoInk Design Vector Images

Vector Formatting

Scalable artwork that looks perfect at any size with no distortion from pixelization. A must for decorative applications such as etching, embossing and embroidery.

RhinoInk Design Vehicle Wrap

Mockup Portfolio

Demonstrate marketing potential with a greater degree of realism with virtual sign placement, proposed vehicle wraps, custom branding on uniforms and more.

For Print, Web and Presentations

Creating visuals that strengthen your presentation and communicate your ideas. Digitally polished or hand drawn in a variety of styles, promote your business on the web through your main site or social media. Hand out presentations in the boardroom. Show your perspective clients what the future can be.

RhinoInk Design Web Design

Web Design Services

A web presence is essential for businesses these days. Before making contacting, most customers will research it online. Your website: a business card, portfolio and resource.

Social Media Branding

Having a consistent look as your visitors move between your website, social pages and advertising campaigns helps establish a strong, recognizable and memorable brand.

RhinoInk Design Concept Illustration

In-situation Portfolio

Storyboards will show a series of proposed events. In-situation illustration focuses more on the details. Both visual aids are used to sell a client your event ideas.

RhinoInk Illustration

Illustration Services

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a composed story, text, concept or involved process, designed for integration in all sorts of published media.

Advertising and Packaging

Ad layout for magazines, catalogs, periodicals - even online ads for Google, Facebook and such. What's eye catching? What's effective? WHo's the audience? What information is essential? Ads can be tricky. Product packaging design including packages, blister packs, labels, tags, cartons, display units and inserts. Cohesive design from start to finish equals greater perceived value. Book cover design - that's a kind of packaging too... plus I illustrate.

Mojo Rising Banner

Advertisement Design

On bill boards, in periodicals and online, advertisements announce your product, service or event to the public. Multiple impressions make your ad memorable.

RhinoInk Design Packaging

Packaging Design

Design services for product packaging, in-store displays and assorted labels. Design consistency throughout the marketing process increases perceived value.

Book Covers and Illustrations

Book Design

Whether for in-store publication, self-publishing online or custom books, book design may be cover layout only or it can be formatting for the entire book's content.

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