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From buying ad space to self-promotion, there are dozens of ways to get your message out.

Market your products, services and events with traditional mailings, posters, exhibition signage and bill boards. Promote yourself online within websites, on social media, through ad sense programs and via email lists with newsletter subscriptions. Advertise your business with printed (and online) ads in directories, newspapers, magazines and industry specific periodicals.

Design Process

The first thing I need to know is where your are planning to advertise. If it's in print, I'll want to design your ad in Adobe Illustrator to ensure the sharpest printing quality with a vector file.

If you're planning on using the ad in a variety of places, in a variety of sizes and formats, I'll have to plan on keeping as many of the design elements separated as possible. Even if the ad is technically the same size, just changing the shape a little has a lot of influence over the placement of design elements. I run into this often when clients guesses at the dimension of an ad space, but then when we're almost in the final approval stage, they supply me with the actual required dimensions from the publisher... This is rarely a quick fix.

Preparedness is the key to efficiency.

This is also why I ask that if you are using an online printing service, please provide me with their web address. They may have specific requirements for formatting dimensions and file types. Even from one site to the next, their standard sizes are not a universal standard.

Quality image files (logos, photos, illustrations) are important. These images should have a resolution of at least 200 pixels per inch. Example: if the final image is to be 4" wide, it should be 800 pixels across.

The more information that can be provided up front (writing, images, contact information, social links) the more efficient the design process is. This policy also makes having multiple handouts that share the same layout more affordable, since it doesn't take as much time to revise content and swap images as it does to perfect a new design.

• Roughs are provided as low-res files until final approval and paid in full.

• Your final handout file will be provided as PDFs. Some less common, decorative fonts may be converted to shape so that your printer doesn't need it in their library. Otherwise common fonts will be used for the majority of the writing. This means you'll be able to post the file online if you like and the copy will be searchable. If you have the right software, it will also be editable.

• If you wish, I'll upload a copy of the final approved file to your online accounts, either as an online feature or for online printing services (please provide login information).

• Editable files are kept on hand for future updates.

Other Design Services

Graphic Design
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Handouts
    • Packaging
    • Advertisements
    • Book Design

Custom Arts
    • Vector Art
    • Custom Graphics
    • Mockups
    • Image Editing
    • In Situation Illustration
    • Custom Illustration

Internet Arts
    • Web Design
    • Social Branding

On Location Arts
    • Mural Paining
    • Sidewalk Art
    • Window Painting

Gift Basket Electronic Ads

For All Occasions Gift Baskets caters to individuals, charitable organizations, small businesses and major corporations in the Aurora / Newmarket / Toronto region. Our custom gift baskets can be delivered throughout Ontario and across Canada. They provide high quality ready-made gift baskets at affordable prices or can add that personal touch when creating one-of-a-kind custom gift baskets.

These ads were designed for electronic signboards located in restrooms that rotates through a series of images. I intentionally kept the images simple - easy to relate to lifestyle scene, a gift basket and contact information. Much more then that and people would stop paying attention. It was enough that the ad images changed every few seconds. While these ads were designed with a specific purpose in mind, they can easily be repurposed in publications or as in-store posters.

See Client Portfolio

Minicard Pocket Sized Ads

Minicards Canada is the exclusive provider for Minicards, a compact advertisement with a big punch. Minicard advertisers enjoy a visible presences in high traffic locations, targeting tourist, business travellers, student populations and more. Easily trackable, Minicards provide customer incentives, location, contact information and brand recognition.

Minicards are small, credit card-sized, individual marketing tools that provide hotel guests, tourists and business travellers with necessary information at a glance for museums, attractions, restaurants, retail stores and many other locations of interest. Their small size makes it easy for consumers to select multiple cards and tuck them into a pocket, purse or wallet to go.

See Client Portfolio

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