Design Matters:
Interesting and unexpected aspects of visual design make business cards more memorable. Colour, images, physical textures, die cut shapes, folds and format (vertical or horizontal): with only have 3.5"x2" of space to make an impression. What would you like to do with it?
Business cards for companies or individuals traditionally include the giver's name and job title, the logo and business name, sometimes a tagline and contact information, including phone, address, email, website and social media addresses.

Creative Process

Since vector files ensure the sharpest printing quality, business cards are designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Some rasterized (pixelated) elements may be included such as logos, photos and illustrations. Image quality is only as good as the file provided and web sourced images are often low resolution. These images should be a minimum of 3.5" wide at 200 pixels per inch (or 700px wide).

If the image source for your logo is a low res file downloaded from the internet, vector tracing is an option. Plus, having a clean, scaleable image file with no background will come in handy for all sorts of other design projects. It's a tiny investment that will pay for itself many times over with it's ease of production and the perceived value of a better quality image.

Vector is also a requirement for interesting die-cut elements if you decide on that as an embellishment.

Formatting Options

For the Local Printer: A single business card with crop marks and full bleed. If you are using an online printing service, please provide me with their web address. They may have specific requirements for formatting dimensions and file types. If you wish, I'll upload a copy of the final approved file to your account with them (please provide login information).

For the Desktop Printer: An 8.5x11 sheet with 10 business cards. Even the simplest business card layout can enjoy huge perceived value simply by changing the medium it's printed on: transparent film, velum, heavy weight card stock, glossy photo paper, assorted colours and textures.

Other Design Services

Graphic Design
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Handouts
    • Packaging
    • Advertisements
    • Book Design

Custom Arts
    • Vector Art
    • Custom Graphics
    • Mockups
    • Image Editing
    • In Situation Illustration
    • Custom Illustration

Internet Arts
    • Web Design
    • Social Branding

On Location Arts
    • Mural Paining
    • Sidewalk Art
    • Window Painting

• Roughs are sent as low-res images until final approval and paid in full.

• Your final business card file will be provided as vectorized PDFs with all fonts converted to shape and all strokes outlined. This will prevent any distortion. It also means your printer won't have to have a specific font in their library if a professional, licensed font is used. However, this also means that wording in your business card will be non-editable since it's no longer a font.

• Editable files are kept on hand for future updates and are available for purchase.

• Bonus: producing your card as vector art means that the design can easily be scaled up to be used in other applications like posters and signage. Again, rasterized elements (images) are only as sharp as the original file.

• The more information that can be provided up front, the more efficient the design process is. This policy also makes having multiple cards that share the same layout very affordable, since it only takes a few minutes to revise the contact information for other individuals or to have multiple cards with different job titles for yourself.


Letterhead may be a little off topic, but aside from the format, the content is similar to a business card.  Please provide samples or descriptions for the layout you envision along with all the information to be included.

I once designed a very expressive letterhead for a jazz company and, boy was he mad! about the whacked-out, crazy roughs I provided (they were really quite lovely really), when all he was expecting was a postage stamp logo in the corner and tiny plain text contact info next to it! That was my mistake. I assumed the jazz theme meant "be creative" and didn't ask the right questions.

Put the Back of Your Business Card to Work

Creative business cards are just that much more memorable.
Click the tabs to reveal lots of clever suggestions for putting the back of your business card to work with useful and entertaining content.

  • Business

    • repeat the front of your card and it will always land face up
    • large print version of data on front of card
    • translation of your card into a foreign language
    • web address to a video
    • web address for an online contest
    • events calendar
    • invitation
    • acronyms
    • admission pass
    • coupon
    • discount offer
    • rates
    • charts
    • appointment times
    • meeting schedule
    • hours of service
    • before/after photos
    • business philosophy
    • call to action
    • contact information
    • additional locations
    • company history
    • industry trivia
    • definitions
    • disclaimer
    • return/refund policy
    • rules & regulations
    • terms & conditions
    • contest rules
    • additional employee names
    • guarantee statement
    • product comparison
    • product price list
    • product uses & benefits
    • most popular items
    • floor plan
    • a location map
    • f.a.q.
    • major clients
    • membership card
    • a menu
    • your businesses network
    • a mission statement
    • seal of approval
    • survey results
    • testimonial
    • copy of your email signature file
    • merchants who offer related industry services
    • merchants who'll give discount when card is shown

  • Fun Stuff

    • proverb or favourite quote
    • an affirmation
    • thought provoking question
    • ten commandments
    • artwork
    • random photo
    • a toast or blessing
    • list of emoticons
    • caricature or cartoon
    • "urban dictionary" definitions
    • "devil's dictionary" definitions
    • fun places to go in town
    • local sports team game schedule
    • joke or riddle
    • humorous anecdote
    • word play
    • zodiac signs
    • song lyrics
    • favourite quote
    • game (Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, dot-to-dot picture)

  • Biographical

    • your photo
    • your signature
    • biography
    • awards or honours
    • published books
    • charities you support
    • political org
    • credentials
    • class schedule
    • pet peeves
    • a more in depth description of what you do & who you do it for
    • goals
    • hobbies
    • mini-resume / industry experience
    • top 10 list
    • your favourite quote
    • a mission statement

  • Useful

    • "thank you" in many languages
    • foreign language phrases
    • automobile accident procedures
    • how to change a tire
    • how to jumpstart a car
    • car care checklist
    • special dates
    • calendar
    • national holidays
    • a list of local...
    • area phone prefixes
    • time zone chart
    • checklist
    • color wheel
    • emergency numbers
    • emergency preparedness list
    • energy-saving tips
    • retirement checklist
    • currency conversion
    • fabric care guide
    • stain removal guide
    • household safety tips
    • public speaking tips
    • moving checklist
    • list of Canadian Prime Ministers and province capitols
    • periodic table
    • C°/F° conversion
    • metric conversion
    • cost-cutting ideas
    • ruler
    • mileage chart
    • flower meanings
    • planting guide
    • entertaining or useful websites
    • train/bus schedule
    • phone numbers for time, temperature, weather

  • Health

    • local pharmacists
    • local walk-in clinics
    • local doctors/dentists
    • local theraputic massage
    • Heimlich maneuver instructions
    • CPR instructions
    • heart rate chart
    • what to do when...
    • warning signs of...
    • growth chart
    • calorie/fat counter
    • calories burned while exercising
    • dieting tips
    • child care tips
    • food group pyramid
    • ingredient substitutions
    • stress relief tips
    • recipe

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