My formal training is in Visual Communications as a Conceptual Illustrator. My illustration style varies per assignment with the level of detail that is required and the preferred medium - graphite, ink, paint or digital.  I've had my art appear in text books, children's books and on book covers. They've been used as logos, decorated apparel and have even become tattoos. Whether you require a caricature, in-situation illustration, cartoon or naturalistic drawing... If you need original art I can render it! (Just not anime or graffiti - other artists have spent a lifetime developing those styles. I haven't.)

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CBC Mr. Dressup Books

Mr. Dressup CBC books by Paul Kropp (1948-2015) - author, publisher, teacher and mentor to many Canadian writers. He has written more than 70 books, including nine books for young adults, numerous books for reluctant readers and five illustrated books for beginning readers.

The Birthday Surprise - a Scholastic Book

Personalized Child's Books

Written for her son, these books include"Blowing Bubbles" and "The Cottage Trip" by Anita Smeskal.

Other Design Services

Graphic Design
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Handouts
    • Packaging
    • Advertisements
    • Book Design

Custom Arts
    • Vector Art
    • Custom Graphics
    • Mockups
    • Image Editing
    • In Situation Illustration
    • Custom Illustration

Internet Arts
    • Web Design
    • Social Branding

On Location Arts
    • Mural Paining
    • Sidewalk Art
    • Window Painting

Alexandra's DragonFire

Alexandra's DragonFire by Leslie and Ashley Fieger. The tale of a teenage girl who encounters the mythological dragon hidden away in a cave beneath the active volcano, Arenal. A story of myth and magic, this book was written to inspire and empower the young & young at heart to become conscious creators.

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