cell sheets to pitch ideas
catalogue and order form
takeout menu
product info with savings coupon
a company fact sheet
how-to instruction and check list
promotional poster
calendars and schedules
visitor information and map
newsletter or bulletin
a store flyer or circular
performance or exhibition pamphlet

The possibilities are endless!

A handout is printed information provided free of charge, especially to accompany a presentation or advertise something. Handout materials may describe a product, service or upcoming event. They can be tailored as support material for sales or provide information and incentives to customers. They may be presented as (but not limited to ) single or double sided information sheets, half or trifold brochures, multi-page leaflets or downloadable files.

Creative Process

Unless specified for web use only, handouts are designed in Adobe Illustrator to ensure the sharpest printing quality with a vector file.

Quality image files (logos, photos, illustrations) are important. These images should have a resolution of at least 200 pixels per inch. Example: if the final image is to be 4" wide, it should be 800 pixels across.

The more information that can be provided up front (writing, images, contact information, social links) the more efficient the design process is. This policy also makes having multiple handouts that share the same layout more affordable, since it doesn't take as much time to revise content and swap images as it does to perfect a new design.

If you are using an online printing service, please provide me with their web address. They may have specific requirements for formatting dimensions and file types. If you wish, I'll upload a copy of the final approved file to your account with them (please provide login information).

• Roughs are provided as low-res files until final approval and paid in full.

• Your final handout file will be provided as PDFs. Some less common, decorative fonts may be converted to shape so that your printer doesn't need it in their library. Otherwise common fonts will be used for the majority of the writing. This means you'll be able to post the file online if you like and the copy will be searchable. If you have the right software, it will also be editable.

• Editable files are kept on hand for future updates.

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