As an unexpected visual, sidewalk art compliments your other promotions. Used in conjunction with other mediums such as posters, billboards and vehicle wraps, it's a sure way to get the attention of those who don't look up. Eye-catching good fun with a youthful feel, it adds an unexpected dimension to your promotional campaigns before and during events.

Paint VS Chalk

When I first started these projects I thought chalk and pastel was the way to go... NOT! Chalk ads don't have a very much longevity. Plus they are messy (see People get the stuff on their shoes and track it all over the place.

Tempera paint is the best medium for sidewalk art. The colours are vivid, and once the paint has had a chance to dry and bond with the concrete, it is very durable. Painted ads last for about a month or longer depending on foot traffic and the sidewalk surface itself. Brushed concrete is dreamy to work with - polished marble, not so much.

Unlike spray paint tagging with stencils, tempera paint is not considered vandalism. It cleans up easily enough with no permanent damage to the area.

Commissioning Sidewalk Art

Pricing Factors

How much is a sidewalk ad?

There are several factors that influence the price of sidewalk art including:
• size of the design
• complexity of the design
• number of colours used in the design
• number of spots required
• travel time between locations
• maintenance frequency
• location restoration

Maintenance Schedules

Maintaining a sidewalk ad involves more than just a little touch up. It usually means re-doing the whole spot. Fresh pigments will not match the faded / trampled art. It's quicker than the starting from scratch, but not by much.

Ad Removal

When the campaign is over the ads wash off easily with a power washer (no harsh detergents required). The trick is finding a source of water. Alternatively ads can be scrubbed off by hand with a brush, a bucket of water and a lot of elbow grease. Mobile washing trucks may be required if there are a lot of ads spread over a large area.

Weather Permitting

sidewalk art in the rain - not goodBecause tempera paint is so water soluble, sidewalk painting is a fair weather project. If the sidewalk is at all damp, the paint will bleed. If there's any rain at all the paint will literally run right off. You can watch the ad slide off the sidewalk, run along the gutter and right down the drain!

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