Seasonal Painted Windows
Vivid, hand painted windows are an eye-catching way to call attention to your business. Window advertising is a charming way to promote your products and services. From the outside a window painting can unify a cluttered display while providing privacy when your windows double as storage in a small space. And of course, holiday windows are a fun way to celebrate the seasons and special occasions.

Swirls Cupcakes

Painting Method

My hand painted windows are laid out using a grease pencil, the artwork is drawn free-hand onto the glass so that the elements of the design may be custom fit to best compliment your space.

If text is required a life-size outline of the wording will be printed then taped to the outside of the window and painted from within. For promotional windows especially, please provide all the information you wish to have included in your window painting prior to the day of painting.

Either acrylic or tempera paint can be used. Acrylic is more durable and won't run if it should accidentally get splashed. Tempera paints are easier to clean-up but are also easy to scratch should there be a lot of traffic against the glass.

Part of the charm of painted windows is the brush stroke textures that are quite visible from within when the sun shines through. Using a roller will minimize the lines over large areas.

Design Inquiry

If you're not finding what you're looking for here and have something else in mind, drop me a line and lets talk about your unique project.

Before and After

Emphasize your business theme
Provide privacy for those within
Feature a special, seasonal sale
De-clutter a utilitarian window
Entertain with familiar themes like holidays and cartoon characters
Trigger the curiosity of those walking by

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