Client: Pat Francis Ministries

Kingdom Covenant is a regular client of RhinoInk Graphic Design. We provide graphic services for print and web.  These two areas of design are often overlapping as we strive to maintain a unifying brand as per their current focus, whether that be their local church activities, business networking conferences or global missions to provide aid in times of need.

Pat Francis Portfolio

About Pat Francis Ministries

Pat Francis Ministries is the “Media & Missions” arm of the toronto based church, Kingdom Covenant Ministries. It is a registered as a charitable organization whose activities include:
• schools for children to young adults, emphasizing global learning & business practices;
• conferences for global networking with industry & community leaders;
• missions to provide disaster relief and aid to those in need;
• and rescuing abandoned children at risk, providing a safe home, care and education.
“Together we are changing lives, impacting generations and transforming communities.”

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