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Packaging design for leave-behind samples that put your product and your business information into the hands of your clients. Coordinating information handouts with strong clear business messages. Power point presentations with unified designs that reflect your brand. Professionally designed visual aids will make your presentations more effective. Maintaining your brand's look across many different formats also establishes brand recognition and make your company more memorable.

slide presentations, mock ups, situational illustration, info graphics & more
the tools you need for sharing your ideas

In-situation Portfolio

Storyboards will show a series of proposed events. In-situation illustration focuses more on the details. Both visual aids are used to sell a client your event ideas.

Mockup Portfolio

Demonstrate marketing potential with a greater degree of realism with virtual sign placement, proposed vehicle wraps, custom branding on uniforms and more.

Illustration Services

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a story, text, concept or process, designed for integration in all sorts of published media.

Image Editing Services

Image editing services include changing colours, removing backgrounds and adding logos. Portraits can be enhanced. Consistent formatting for product images.

Vector Formatting

Scalable artwork that looks perfect at any size with no distortion from pixelization. A must for decorative applications such as etching, embossing and embroidery.

Custom Graphics

When clipart won't do. Custom graphics can be anything from buttons and icons that match your website to original info graphics that support your message.

Presentation Samples

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