I Made a Letter Tray

I felt like creating, but not being too artsy. I also wanted to make use of some of the art materials I have stashed in the studio. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I don’t allow myself to by more. I must begin using more. What will become of it all when I’m gone? Why did I carry this stuff around for so long without using it? There’s never enough time – must make time to be an artist.

I spent the morning Googling nature crafts, paper crafts and cardboard crafts… So many ideas to collect and try. I finally decided to take on a project for myself.

Not entirely sure why it bugged the man so much. A few times I caught him mumbling under his breath about whatever… So not appreciated. But you know what? Don’t care. I’m an artist and living artfully makes me feel good. It’s not my fault he has no interests outside of beer and football. “You finally get that disaster area tidied up and you’re making more junk to go in there.” Again, whatever. I merely repurposed materials that were already there into something useful. It’s kind of pretty and totally functional.

While many times the idea of making crafts that sell did cross my mind, I wasn’t making this desk top organizer as a sellable… And a good thing too! A minimum of 6 hours went into the thing! Fetching materials, planning it, cutting out the parts, decorating the whole thing with coordinating wallpaper (yet another ‘art supply’ I should be using as opposed to squirrelling away). It has a deep, medium and short slots and a letter tray. I like it. 6 hours though – yikes! To see the craft pictures on line and to watch the 2 minute video tutorials – so misleading.

Crafting idea: Desk in a Jar
Because I have mason jars and wall paper samples… The jar becomes a holder and inside there would be matching note books/pads, magnets/clothes pins, business card holder, thank you cards, a bookmark, calendar. Mass production could make it sellable. I’m thinking it would make a better gift though.

I don’t craft enough. Crafting takes time. Having an appreciation for how much time goes into a project is kind of important. The finished project clearly looks hand made – it has it’s charm. There’s a little part of me that wants to get at it again (maybe for just a bit) but there other stuff to do. Work, promote, web stuff… No rest for this wickedly lazy person!