I Want to Be More Artist-y

Totally scored today.  I didn’t even know there was a book that came out after the 5 behemoths I’d devoured from her Highlander series. Scored a hardcover edition of Diana Gabaldon’s “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood” for only $2 at the hospital today. mmmmmmm… brain candy.

Waiting… In 35 minutes I’ll saunter back to the chemo ward for treatment.

I have a runny nose today. What’s with that?

I parked over at the hospital. It was a bit of a hike that left me breathing harder. I could use more activities in my life that make me breath harder. A 2 block walk should not be that taxing. It’s warm and sunny but extremely windy!

I want to be more artsy. I want to make art. About the only thing that’s holding me back is that I’m just not practicing. By which I don’t mean exercise – I mean just do it. The other thing holding me back is that “studio”. It’s always been the bane of my existence. I can’t justify “playing” when that room is so out of order. “You’re out of order. And Your out of order!” Ugh. I don’t know where to begin. Maybe start with table surface space. Maybe start with weeding out some crud. I’m a hoarder.