Look What I Have Cleaned!!

My studio. :))

For a long time I wouldn’t even call it that because clearly it was not. There was no room for work, let alone finding materials. It had become a dumping ground. I’m going to have to work very hard at not letting that happen again (it will).

I changed the position of the table from against long wall to against the window wall. now all the large sheets of cardboard that were jutting into the room are flush to the wall pinned there by the table. My portfolio cases found a home there too.

Turning the table did something miraculous to the room. Instead of it being a narrow corridor with things threatening to come toppling down from either side, the floor space opened up! I’ll bet I could lie on that floor width wise! That’s a huge improvement from having to constantly swivel my hips around obstacles to get from one end to another.

I Cleaned – the shelves and floors are all dusted and wiped.
I Organized – I know where the sharp things are, where the sticky stuff is and where assorted kinds of paper can be found.
I Categorized – I have all my sewing in one space, all my mural stuff in another and all my crafty stuff is tucked neatly away.

I’m still in a bit of shock every time I go in there for something or other (and then put it away when I’m done). Even the cat approves. I caught her stretched out on the table in front of the window soaking up the sun yesterday.

Now… about that living artfully thing.