Aquatic Themes

Dolphin Castle

Use the menu to the right to select a mural theme. Then click on the thumbnails below for details on each painting, including location, hours for completion and descriptions.

Aquatic themes are very popular. They are naturally part of our planet, yet they seem to be from another world to us land-dwellers. Aquatic murals may represent natural spaces like oceans, lakes and rivers or they may be more artificial like the aquariums you can visit or tend to on your shelf. The diversity of life in aquatic murals is impressive too, everything from mammals to fishes, from crustaceans and shells to the most fabulous of sea life.

Mural services are billed by the hour for on location time only.  All murals are original, one of a kind renderings (even the commercial characters) designed to compliment the home owner’s unique colour scheme and wall space.  Paintings are rendered by hand using durable, quality interior latex paint.

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