Sheikh Prayer Room 2016

Sheikh Prayer Room 2016

Hours: 40
Location: Brampton

This is the second time I’ve painted a Sikh prayer room (same client, different location). The same colour scheme was used but there are a few differences. As opposed to flat design details on a rectangular panel, the middle one has arabesque domed top and I used shading to make it appear as though there is depth. The prayer text and floral patterning is a flat detail. Above the panel is a Sikh icon painted gold.

To the left and right of the red panel are decorative ones that feature faux marbling and the same floral motif, only the elements are colourfully painted almost like inlay.

This room is larger so there is a smaller featured wall opposite the main wall. This wall is decorated with three painted panels with arabesque shapes and a floral motif that relates to the designs used across the room.

A chair rail runs all around the room, the walls below are a deep tea. Over top of this I hand painted a delicate, linear design of interlocking arches.