Sleepy Winnie

Sleepy Winnie and Friends Close-up

Hours: 12
Location: Oakville

I’m very happy with this painting, as is the home owner.  I had estimated about 4 hours for the project based on the simple illustration she had shown me, but then we added piglet to the composition.  When that happened she decided, since there were now 3 characters, there should be more!  She found a picture of Owl with a balloon online and I added Roo and Eeyore with balloons too.  We put piglet in a blue onesy because the baby is a boy.  I like to keep colour pallets simple and tied together so that the whole room has unity, therefore the balloons are reflective of the main mural: yellow like Pooh, red like his shirt and blue like piglets outfit.

Sleepy Winnie and Friends Close-up

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet snoozing on a cloud under the stars and moon. This painting was rendered over the baby’s crib in a soft grey nursery. Just this wall took about 7.5 hours. The drawing probably took an hour: 15 minutes per character, and another 15 for the cloud, moon and star details. The Painting took about 5.5 hours and an hour for the line work. I intentionally make the lines wibbely-wobbely so there is more of a hand-painted feeling. A perfectly crisp line is near impossible to render, and even if I did the smallest imperfection would show up. That and if the owner wanted perfection – no brush marks / no line breaks, I’d suggest they buy stickers instead. This home owner agrees. She loves the authenticity of original wall art.

Sleepy Winnie, Friends Close-up

Here is a close-up of Owl, Eeyore and Roo.  At roughly 3′ tall including the balloon and trailing string, individually each of these characters took about an hour and a half to paint: 15 minutes for the drawing, an hour to paint and another 15 minutes to outline.