Baby’s Room

Mommy & Baby Wild Animals

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Whether painting naturally or taking inspiration from the designer elements of the nursery, baby’s room is always a fun project. Some paintings are very baby-ish which is a good thing when planning a large family where several new borns will call the room home for the first few years. Some paintings are a little more mature because after all, this is Mommy’s room too, and the child will grow quickly. Some people think baby’s room should be stimulating (ex: the first colour they recognize is red). Other’s think stimulation is better left in the playroom. A baby’s bedroom should be designed for sleep since sleep is the #1 most important factor in a happy baby’s routine. I think that’s why neutrals and pastels are the most popular colour palettes.

Mural services are billed by the hour for on location time only.  All murals are original, one of a kind renderings (even the commercial characters) designed to compliment the home owner’s unique colour scheme and wall space.  Paintings are rendered by hand using durable, quality interior latex paint.

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