Pricing Policies

First Meeting

This includes discussing your ideas and looking through any pictures, magazines, books or other reference materials / sources of inspiration. I will take note of the size of the areas to be worked and discuss themes & color schemes. Design ideas, limitations, deadlines, budget, personal preferences and the many creative possibilities and interpretations may be explored at this time.
Free visit within the Peel / Halton area:
Mississauga / Oakville / Brampton / Milton / Georgetown… Travel costs apply outside these areas.

Residential Mural Pricing

Really Rough Ball Park Estimate: It is next to impossible to give a rate based on area.  Depending upon the amount of detail in the painting, the effort that is required to create an original mural painting changes from project to project.  In my portfolio I have included the amount of time each painting took. This should provide you with a rough idea for how much work can be produced in a given period of time.

With a starting price of $400 for up to 8 hours, plus $50 per hour there-after, typically children’s rooms cost between $400 – $800 depending upon the scale of the project (very elaborate rooms have cost more).

Ok… If I must put a number on it:  mural prices run about $10-$15 per square foot – very loose approximation.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $100, which goes towards the cost of materials and preparation, is due prior to the commencement of the project.

Commercial Murals are Priced Per Project

Different designs vary in complexity so it is impossible to give a rate based on area alone. Some clients want hyper-realism with a high level of detail or a Masters reproduction. Some may want a looser, impressionistic feel to the work or abstract design. Yet others may want a simplified or cartoon style for a children’s mural. Each project is tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

The mural location site must be seen to get a feeling for the size of the space and to determine if there are any obstacles that might effect the time required for the painting of a mural.

If you have a certain budget let me know. We can usually work within this as much as possible. An estimate will be provided within 2-5 days after our meeting.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the cost of materials and preparation, is due when a contract is signed.
For large murals a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the estimate.

Project Commencement: When the client is satisfied with the mural plan a date is set for the painting to commence. On the first day of painting 50% of the total estimate (less the deposit) is due before the work begins. The remaining balance is due upon the completion of the mural. If major changes or additions are made to the mural once painting has began additional charges will apply. All walls must be ready to go.

Drawings: If you already have an image in mind for your mural, great! If you only have a theme in mind I can generate a few loosely sketched ideas for you to choose from. Unless I am provided with a specific image to reproduce, I will generate a black and white plan drawing for the mural to be approval. Large, complex, detailed projects and full colour renderings are billed at $50 per hour.

Scheduling: All Jobs are on a first come – first served basis. A job is scheduled only after a deposit is received. Please book your job early. New requests are continually coming in and many may be booked months in advance. If your are on a deadline, please let me know.

Items Charged Separately:

  • Scaffolding and lift costs, licensing & permits, sub-contracting, miscellaneous expenses… etc.
  • Travel expenses & lodging
  • Surface preparation – walls that need to be patched, repaired primed or painted first.
  • Surface protection – clear coat or plexiglas installation.

Pricing Concerns & Variables

Scale: What are the dimensions / square foot of work area?
Complexity: Is it a very loose, simple image? Is it a trompe l’oeil? Are there minute details wanted or portraits involved?
Concept: Does the initial concept drawing need a lot of research, study, sketches? Does the client have visual references / pictures to help clarify the design concept?
Surface: Does it need surface preparation, patching or priming? Is the texture texture rough? Does it absorb paint?
Accessibility: Is there a stairwell, high ceilings, bulkheads, over-hangs? Windows and trim can slow down production too.
Height: Is a scaffold / lift needed? Tall murals can add considerable time and danger to a project. Sometimes a crew must be hired to install and remove the scaffolding, making sure it is secured to the wall and filling lag-bolt holes afterwards.
Installation: Will the mural to be painted on panels and installed?
Outdoor: Weather, wind, temperature and location are all factors that will affect production time.
Location: Is there adequate ventilation, people in the vicinity of the project and ongoing commercial enterprise to be considered? Are there restrictions on the hours available for work, reducing production time?
Geography: Travel and hotel stay and living expenses may be considered when the mural is not local.