Industrial Building Crane

Tonka Truck and Crane Room

Hours: 11 hours
Location: King City

This room is super cute with it’s “Tonka Truck” theme on one wall and a floor to ceiling construction crane on the opposite wall.  The crane’s arm reaches across the wall to suspend two “book shelves”.  For now the shelves are just painted on because they hover above the change table and would interfere with Mommy/Daddy activities.

Shown below is an image the homeowners found online that inspired this room, a white, vinyl sticker wall application that was applied to a dark blue wall.  They had already purchased a rug with a construction zone theme, so that’s where I drew my colour pallet from: soft buttery yellows, light greys, splashes of orange and black accents.

The trucks include a cement mixer, a dozer, an excavator and a dump truck; all in a row above where the crib.  The pylon and work signs are a few floating elements, randomly placed around the room to tie it all together.

Big Trucks Heavy Equipment

I love it when down the road home owners are still thinking of me and the fabulous job I did for them.  They very often recommend me, singing my praises and enthusiastically try to get their friends and family to buy a mural of their own.  That makes me feel real great, not just because of the referral thing which is good for business, but because they are so moved!  Original, custom art makes people very happy.

Too often when I’m working it’s in an empty shell of a room after having discussed what furniture will be brought in and its placement.  A floating mural thing can look odd in an empty room.  Even Photoshopping furniture into  my images… it just doesn’t look natural, so I tend not to.  I love when clients send me photos after their rooms after they’ve been staged.

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