“This is perfect.  I was expecting a reproduction of the original mural but this is better.  It’s new; for our new home.  Thank you.” ~ Nancy, Prayer Room II


“Our sports theme in the basement is turning out great! I found the most talented and incredible woman who paints murals. You have got to check her stuff out!

We had another painted on the other wall of the kids at a Leafs game with me in the background holding popcorn. It is just great. Anyway she is very reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her so think about it and get creative with your kids room. Or like in my case my “big kid’s” room.” ~ Anita, Football and Hockey


“I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the wonderful job you did on the mural in our breakfast area. The work you did was excellent – to say the least. You managed to paint the mural in proper perspective with our breakfast table/area showing the illusion, that we are on a “patio” outside the painting, in front of the bistro. Please feel free to use my comments as you see fit; I would have no hesitation of recommending your skills and workmanship to anyone who would be interested in your services.
Thanks again for the lovely job you did for us.” ~ Gunter, KItchen Bistro


“The shabby chic room you painted for us is spectacular! We really love it. I was so excited yesterday that we put everything back together and finally started to put my daughter’s furniture in there. It is amazing! Thank you.” ~ Laura, Shabby Chic Garden


“Wow!! It looks amazing!  I LOVE IT!!!  You’re the best!  Thank you sooooooo much!  It looks a million times better than I expected!!! (5 love emojies)”~ Rosaria, Always Kiss Me Goodnight