We love to craft and we love parties! But it’s not just the shenanigans – it’s every little detail! We love a good theme and can come up with a million fabulous ideas for it. From Dart leagues to long haul truckers, from retro to glam-country… it’s just so exciting! The hard part is knowing when to stop because, “Enough is enough, Girls. It’s already amazing!”

Evelyn is a hands on artist and TIna is a hot mamma who bakes. Between the two of them trading skills and building on them, they throw the most original, down home, memorable parties ever.

Custom coasters, match boxes, bunting…? They got it, er, I mean they’ll make it. Centre pieces, fantastic decorations, inspired arrangements…? They’ll shock you with their imaginations every time. Oh yeah, menus, invites, photo props and more…? The they take the basics, work their magic so you’ll basically go, “NO WAY!!!” Yeah, they’re that good.

So, if you want something more than, a stuffy gathering, an obligatory appearance event; if you want fun, creativity and excitement; well, you could call the other guys with their clip boards of to-do check offs… ORRRRRR, CALL THESE GALS! They make it their business to make you party the one to remember!

[portfolio coming soon] 😉
And download our flyer. Shares are appreciated. 🙂


We're a couple of creative gals with a passion for festivities and an eye for detail. From handmade decorations to designer cakes, our personalized care for every aspect of your event will make you and your guests go "WOW!"

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