Shameless Self-Promotion Day

Because sometimes word of mouth needs a little help. I figured it it was OK to share a friend’s/client’s ad on Facebook… why not me too? And while I’m at it, are all my free ads online up to date?

It doesn’t take that long to post ads, especially when you work with a bunch of windows open at once. Copy/paste title, title, title, title, title, title… Copy/paste body, body, body, body, body… Attach image, image, image, image, image, image… (preview each ad incase specific ones have different address / contact / web address fields) Save! Save! Save! Save! Save! Save!

20-30 minutes later and I’m good to get on with the rest of my day. – this one is particularly cook because after you post it lets you share your ad on social media.

I used to pay more attention to the ads, making sure they were always newish, posting early or mid day so someone might see my ad at the top of the list, but I’m not sure that’s entirely how it works. It is, and it isn’t. People search for the stuff they need so that brings up my “web design” ad, and then they click per interesting title. If you have an image… Bonus. Plus my images are unexpected with the rhino and all, so that makes them all the more clickable.

Dear Mr. &&@&@&TOP WEB DESIGN + SEO | 1 ON 1 SERVICE&&&& (((((Todan((Dot))Com)))));
Your web design title does not inspire confidence – Just saying.

Oh, another little tip (saw this on a “How to SEO for Etsy” video: “W E B – D E S I G N” is cute, but totally unsearchable.

– – – – – Todays Ad – – – – –

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