Student VS Pro Grade Colour Pencils

This makes me want to break out the crayons and play. In all the years I spent at Art College there was only ever 2 projects where we were required to use coloured pencils: a self-portrait and a still life. In these particular cases I thought the format was WAY to big (2x3ft) for the medium. Having to cover so much ground in a short period of time forced us to do more blocking in with less actual understanding of the flexibility of the medium. Left to my own devices, I really enjoy playing with coloured pencils because to f the layering, the blending, the pushing of contrasts and seeing how colours work together to build up an image that sparkles. A nice 5×7 inch format is plenty big enough. But then again… it’s play time and being older I’m a lot more into “instant gratification” than I used to be.

Conclusion to the video? Good to know that cheaping out on the art supplies isn’t that big a deal.