Thinking About Creating Books

The ones I’m often drawn to in shops are the How-Tos:
• How to be happy
• Ideas for creating
• Conversational sparks
• Tips for success

Why not create my own? Why not indeed. I could sell them on Lulu, use them as incentives (not that I really crave the idea of subscribers), give them as gifts… Why shouldn’t I be the voice of authority (as I’ve been accused of from time to time)? I know stuff. Why not share stuff? Why should Les have all the fun?

32 pages: cover, back and 30 pages of ideas and images.
Maybe I could even make use of this drawing skill I’ve picked up along the way.

• A journal / planner
• A colouring / activity book
• A collection of tips / checklist

Projects like these might even inspire me to write my story.
Everyone else does… Why not me?

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30 Book Themes

1.) Things to talk about
2.) Woodsy crafts
3.) Paper crafts
4.) Drawing prompts
5.) Journalling prompts
6.) Doodle prompts
7.) Day adventures
8.) Artist marketing
9.) Artist habits
10.) Decorating tips
11.) Party ideas
12.) Coping mechanisms
13.) Organization tips
14.) Website ideas
15.) Things to think about
16.) Business marketing
17.) Important contacts
18.) Inspired quotes
19.) From a rhino’s perspective
20.) From a goat’s perspective
21.) Saving money
22.) Charitable ideas
23.) Feeling connected
24.) Feeling healthy
25.) Feeling happy
26.) Write a letter to…
27.) Random advice
28.) If I could do it all over again
29.) Time out
30.) Meal plans