Traveler’s Notebook

Basically, it’s just a fancy book cover designed to hold a few booklets. I made a couple of them this morning to see how easy a craft it would be for gift giving. So easy! And I get to use up more of my hoarded crafting materials (cereal boxes and wallpaper). Need to pick up some elastic string (check) and double sided tape (check) today if I’m going to be making a few of these things. (I also picked up some graph paper for some “cool” booklets.)

Things you can put in a Traveler’s Notebook:
Project Tracker
Signature Books
List Keeper
A Memory Keeper
Quote Collections
Habit Trackers
A Daily Journal
Event Planners
A Travel Journal
Calendars… Yearly, Monthly, Weekly
Idea Books
Joke Collections
Dashboard… basically this is a laminated page you can stick a few handy things to, like bits of tape, stick notes, stickers, stamps… peel them off and use as needed.