Evelyn Shifflett

When it comes to site design and online branding, her focus is on visual elements and pleasing page layout. Specifically, she is an artist with web skills who specializes in internet design applications: from small scale projects such as icon design, to more involved assignments like the set-up and customization of entire websites. With her understanding of visual communications, colour psychology and design principals, her formal education as an illustrator gives her an advantage over many web-only technicians.

Web Design Services

  • Mobile Platforms

    Creating fluid websites that work on any device, from computers to tablets & phones. With so many people choosing mobile devices for their web browsing, it only makes sense to have a website that is mobile friendly. Read More

  • Social Media Sites

    By coordinating the visual elements of your website and social accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, you'll appear more professional & memorable with a recognizable online brand. Read More

  • Custom Graphics

    Image formatting may include Call to Action graphics, Product Illustration, Custom Buttons, Banner Ads, Animations, Photo Editing, Logo Tracing & much more. Read More

  • Tutorials

    Basic HTML sites are easily updated via your host’s cPanel. Wordpress and Joomla have backend Administration panels that are easy to navigate and edit, especially once you’re shown the ropes. Read More

  • Content Management

    Even though it’s easy enough to update content yourself, especially after a quick backend tutorial of the site admin panel, sometimes it’s just easier, and time saving, to have someone else do it for you. Read More

Why a Website

29 Feb
Why You Need a Website

Why Do I Need a Website

24/7 Accessibility to information equals credibility. These days people expect to find you online, with at the very least a description of your company... more

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