I’m a Web Designer

Evelyn ShifflettWhat does that mean exactly? Well, I design websites. Just kidding! – sort of. I’m a graphic designer who specializes in internet design applications; projects that are as simple as an icon design or as complex as a website from scratch.

When it comes to websites, my specialty really is the visuals. There are those that specialize in fancy function coding and others who specialize in marketing and SEO practices. I’m not one of those experts, even though I do practice those skills. I know HTML which I use this for basic websites and landing pages. These are ideal if all you need is an online brochure – static information about your interests, products or services. The beauty of HTML sites is that I have a lot more flexibility when it comes to layout. I’m not restricted to boxy layouts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. A boxiness equals orderliness.

I’m most familiar with Joomla and WordPress. (By the way, if you need some content management for an alternative CMS system, that familiarity makes it real easy for me to catch on to assorted admin panels.)

Aside from websites, I do a lot of other web based design and management projects such as social media branding and integration, newsletter design and mailing list management, banner ads and image editing… just to name a few.