Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need a website. Where do I start?

    Domain Name and Hosting

    Your domain name is your web address. No matter where on the planet your website files are stored, if you type in that address they will point to your site. Things to consider when picking a domain name: How long is it? Is it memorable? Is it keyword inclusive?

    The next thing you need is a hosting package. This is where your website files are stored for public viewing. Most companies offer both domain name and hosting as a package. Prices for these services vary widely so shop around.

    Once you have acquired these services it’s important to keep track of your records. Domain Names and Hosting services are contracts for set periods of time. If you let the contract expire someone else could potentially purchase your domain name right out from under you. Your provider should keep you notified of deadlines but if your email and phone numbers change… keep your account information up to date.

    There are free domain providers, but your web address will probably include their url and chances are you’ll have to host with them too.

    Will you do this for me?

    If you prefer, I can do the set up for you. I like to use Godaddy for their one stop pricing, their affordability and the fact that they have been around for some time and have a proven track record of reliability. An hourly rate for services will be applied in addition to the cost of the hosting and domain fees, which I will run by you for approval so there are no surprises.

    All links, user names, passwords and access procedures provided since this is your product.

  • How Do I Plan My Website?
    Download my RhinoInk Site Plan.doc. In it you can list all the pages you’ll need and plan the content that goes on each page. This will give us both an idea about how complex your site will be.

    Have a look around at other websites in your industry, or even just web sites that you like. Do those set-ups work for what you offer?
    Is it one long page? Or a number of pages linked together?
    Is your site going to include a lot of topics? Or is it focused on just one idea?
    Is it an library of information, a store, a members site? How do you need it to function?

    Please provide links to 3 or 4 websites you like. Tell me specifically what it is you like about them (colour, effects, organization, design of banners or buttons). I will not be copying those sites, but knowing what you like does give me a place to start so that I can create a site that is uniquely yours.

  • What About a Free Web Space?
     There are free web spaces out there where a basic site can be parked. You’ll most likely have to share your space with advertisers.  Free websites are usually limited in function and design – Pick a template and that’s it.  You may loss control of your content, like once it’s uploaded, the company that’s hosing your files may use them how they see fit.  Your photos may become someone else’s promotion.  Read the fine print.  With free you generally get what you pay for and everything comes at a cost.
  • Can You Help Me with a Build-Your-Own Website?
    Yes. While they say it’s as easy as “click to edit” those build your own sites are not always intuitive. Many use page builders that are similar to professional WordPress themes. There may be a few differences, but they are easy enough to figure out. If you like I can set up your site for you. I can also provide a page builder tutorial so that you can update your website on your own in the future.
  • What Do I Need to Provide for My Website?
    RhinoInk Site Plan.doc. This is the best way for planning what goes on each page as well as providing that information. On the contact page in particular I’ve made suggestions for important information to be included.

    Other things that will be required:

    Your logo.  If you don’t have one, I can create one for you.  And your brand colours.
    All images to be used on the site. If you don’t have your own photos, stock photography is readily available.
    All videos to be used on your site – preferably a link to it on social media.  Stock video is also becoming readily available.
    All downloads to be included on your site.  Do you have forms, brochures, incentives or exclusive material that your visitors can download?

  • Can My Website be Something I Can Manage Myself?
    With a CMS site you will be able to manage the content through your administration panel.
    With a basic HTML site, you can access your files through your host’s c-panel or “file manager”.
    If you need a little help finding your way around the admin panel or c-panel, tutorials are available.

    Can You Help Me Out?

    Even those who are do-it-yourselfers sometimes run into complicated layout edits, need to add-on for more function or just find themselves too busy to do updates. I’m available on a hourly basis for website maintenance.

  • How Much is a Website?

    Website Set Up

    Site set up, add a theme, brand it with your preferred colours and logo… Have you already got a domain name and host?
    Install and set up e-commerce plugin… Have you already got a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe?
    Set up of pages and menus… Do you know what pages you wish to include? (about, frequently asked questions, etc…) Do you have the content (writing) ready for them? Your contact page could simply be information. It may include a google map if you have a real world location and a contact form if you like… How much contact you share is up to you.

    On Average

    The time it takes to set up a website will vary depending on how many pages there are, how complicated individual layouts are and the number of edits / additions there are. My rate is $50 per hour. I track my time per 15 minutes of activity so you don’t have to worry about a full hour as the clock rolls over. I also record all my activities so you you know exactly where the time was spent.

    Say a website takes 6 hours start to finish (an average site) – that’s $300. That’s not a quote – just an estimate since I don’t know all the details of your unique project.

  • How Much is an e-Commerce Site?
    See above for the set up of a website. Adding e-commerce is in addition to that.

    Store Set Up

    Install and configure the e-commerce plugin… Have you already got a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe? You’ll need that in order to process sales. Other pages you may also want to include are a privacy policy and terms & conditions. Do you have the content (writing) ready for them?

    Store Population

    Providing you have a photo, description and cost for each item, it takes about 10 minutes per item to add to a store. For example: 30 items / 6 per hour = 5 hours. This number varies. It may be a bit less than that if the information is well organized. It could be a bit longer if there’s a lot of referencing, descriptive writing and image editing to do. 10 minutes per item is average.

    On Average

    My rate is $50 per hour. I track my time per 15 minutes of activity so you don’t have to worry about a full hour as the clock rolls over. I also record all my activities so you you know exactly where the time was spent.

    Say a website takes 10 hours start to finish, including a store with a few products – that’s $500. That’s not a quote – just a ballpark number to give you an idea.

  • Can You Help Me with Social Media?
    Yes. I can set up accounts on your behalf, add share buttons to your site, include badges for feeds and fan counts… As far as online exposure goes, promoting yourself, your products and services on social media is as essential as having your own website. Your advertising can only reach so many. Social connectivity increases that exponentially. Read more here.
  • Can You Help Me with Newsletters?
    Yes. While they say it’s as easy as “1-2-3” to set up your contact lists and create an email champaign, it’s not always that intuitive. I can help with integrating sign-up forms on your website, with template designs for your newsletters, with the logistics of auto scheduling and custom landing pages. Read more here.
  • How Do I Get to Be Number 1 on Google?
    Good luck! Everyone is competing for this position. Here are some tips on How To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization.