Frequently Asked Questions

I need a website. Where do I start?
Consider the layout of the website. Is it one long page? Or a number short pages with links? Is it going to be a complicated media library, store or community site?
It helps to layout your website plan in a notebook with each web page on it’s own sheet. This will give you a good idea about how complex your site will be.
Please provide links to 3 or 4 websites you like. They don’t even have to be related to your industry.
Tell me what it is you like about them (colour, effects, organization, design of banners or buttons). I won’t be copying those sites but knowing what you like does provides me with a place to start so that I can create your unique site.

What about Domain Names and Web Hosting?
The first thing you need before you can have a website set up is a Domain Name. There are free web hosting services that will provide you with an account, but your web address will include their url. The second step is to set up an account with a hosting company. Many companies offer both services. Prices for these services vary widely so shop around.
Once you have acquired these services it’s important to keep track of your records. Domain Names and Hosting services are contracts for set periods of time. If you let the contract expire someone else could potentially purchase your Domain Name right out from under you.
If you prefer, I can do this for you. I like to use Godaddy for their one stop pricing, their affordability and the fact that they have been around for some time and have a proven track record of reliability. An hourly rate for services will be applied in addition to the cost of the hosting and domain fees. It includes the acquisition of the domain, the set up of the hosting package and the set up of email accounts. All links, user names, passwords and access procedures provided.

What about a Free Web Space?
There are free web spaces out there where a basic site can be parked. But you’ll most likely have to share your space with advertisers.
Some email accounts come with free web page space that you can use. If the website is just a link you intend to use for showing a few individuals your stuff the address isn’t as important as a catchy URL that you may want the general public to remember. But be wary of your user name.
“” probably isn’t the most appropriate web address for trying to sell handmade lace or offering life coaching services.

What files / info must I supply?
• Contact info
• URL’s to any links to other sites
• All text that is to be included: About the website / About the person / About the product or service
• Any logos or images that are to be used.

What if I want to make changes to my website?
If you opt for a CMS site you will be able to manage the content through your administration panel.
Alternatively, if you opt for an basic HTML site, you can access your files through your host’s c-panel or “file manager”.
If you need a little help finding your way around the admin panel / c-panel, tutorials are available.
Changing the entire layout of the page is a little more complicated. My services are available on a hourly basis for website updating and additions.

How do I get to be number one on Google?
Good luck! Everyone is competing for this position. The only way to find your way to rank high in a Google search is to use word combinations that are completely unique and phrases that your target audience are searching for.
How To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization.