CMS Websites

joomlaCMS (content management system) is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It provides a simple, non-technical way of for you to update your content; just point, click, edit and save – no programming knowledge required. Your site is instantly updated. There are two parts to a CMS site: the Public side is your website and the Administration Panel is where you organize your site’s content. Content can be displayed either in the main body of your site or in designated spaces around it (header, side columns, footer).

The platforms I work with most often are WordPress  and Joomla, free open source packages, powered by PHP and MySQL databases, with add-ons that are used to add more function to the site, such as shopping carts, message boards, forums, galleries, forms and such.

Is one better than the other? No, I don’t think so. It’s just a matter of being familiar with the how content is organized. WordPress tends to be organized more chronologically, hence it is most often used for blogging and magazine style sites. WordPress is great for showcasing what’s new. Joomla’s organization is a little more like the a library with content being organized by category. Joomla is ideal for the presentation of a lot of information with logical user friendly pathways connecting it all.

Templates (Themes)

When a CMS platform is installed it’s rather lackluster – just a plain jane functional site without any bells n’whistles.  There are many free templates available, but the pro versions tend to be much more functional and tailored towards specific industries.  It really depends upon what you’re needs are as far as function goes.  Pro templates are generally pretty affordable.  They also tend to be a wee bit more complicated when it comes to set up, so if you’re one of those DIY types… I can help there too.


The look of your site: wordpress=theme / joomla=template
Additional site function: wordpress=plugin / joomla=component
Space for extra content: wordpress=widget / joomla=module


Admin Panel Tutorial

• How your admin panel is organized
• How to rearrange menus
• How to edit and add new pages
• How to up-load, embed and link media
In person tutorials available locally in Mississauga and near by area.
Tutorials via Skype are also available – id: RhinoInk


Other Web Services

• Pro Template / Pro Theme installation and set up
• Template / Theme modifications – custom branding
• Domain, Host & Email set up, in addition to fees set by the hosting provider.
• Individual page layout and content management, including widgets/modules and plugins/extensions. Preparedness goes a long way in speeding up the process of populating a website: what pages are required, what information will appear on each page?
• Embedded video, audio and media feeds
• Content sourcing (images & articles), in addition to fees set by stock providers.
• Keyword inclusive copy writing
• SEO practices including keywords, descriptions, alt text
• Animations – flash or gifs
• Custom graphics and photo editing
• Graphics for website ads, google ads and other promotional sources

This is Your Website

All access links, user names and passwords are provided for your host, email and admin.