Content Management

Content Management

New website set up
Existing website help
Update banners
Edit photo albums
Embedding videos
Social integration
Newsletter Subscriptions
Contact & application forms
Clean up & format photos
Check for broken links
Manage store products
Add a sale code
Links for downloads

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AKA Website Updates

Content management, which may involved may be images, video, audio and multimedia as well as text, is the administration of digital information. As a graphic artist, it’s my job to make your information look good. As a web designer it’s also my job to make it work for you.

Page Layout

New page layout and associated menu management, information updates. More than just copy and paste, this includes spell check, image sizing and positioning, tables, embedded videos, link management and more.

Modules & Widgets

These are the blocks of information that can be found above, below and beside your main content. They may contain text, images, videos, subscription forms, menus and more. Some are pretty straight forward; others may be a bit more complicated depending on the source material.

Extensions & Plugins

These add more function to your website: Photo Galleries, Shopping Carts, Membership Levels, Forms and more. Installation, set up and management services available.

Online Stores

This can be quite time consuming, especially if you have many products to set up. Product management, menu organization, seasonal features, coupon codes and photo editing.


Pages and menus for members only variable membership levels such as trial periods, limited memberships and full membership access.

Assorted Web Services

domain, hosting and email set-up, back-ups and admin / c-panel tutorials.
newsletter and social site support, theme set-up and demo content installed.
sourcing, keyword rich copywriting, editing, video and audio embedding.
latest information, product updates and component management.
product images, photo editing, branding, icons, banners and ads.

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