Basic HTML Pages

Make Your Website a Mobile Platform
By choosing to have your website custom designed you can be assured that it will stand out from the pack in a cookie-cutter, template dominated cyber-landscape.

A couple of concepts are provided as a flattened jpg images for the client to choose from. A client may have a clear vision of what they want or they may pitch a concept and it’s up to me to interpret their needs visually. Revisions are expected – usually any changes are minor, but sometimes it requires days of experimenting.  It’s entirely up to the client how much they want to invest in the design process.


Comments also welcome.

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Once the design is approved, the image is then turned into a template that defines the layout of pages, navigation… any elements that are consistent from one page to another. CSS is included to define content styles.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages can be used to feature a specific product or event, a direct sell that people don’t have to search through your website to get to.  It can be linked to directly from a home page or promoted on social media.  A landing page can be a private page where the link is shared with specific individuals, like a post for family or resources for staff. A landing page may also be the gateway to your website (or multiple websites).  And when your down for maintenance or holidays a landing page will invite visitors to return.

Control Panel Tutorial

Concerned about not being able to update your own website?  Not to worry.  HTML pages are easily edited via your host’s C-Panel.
In person tutorials available locally in Mississauga and near by area.
Tutorials via Skype are also available – id: RhinoInk

Other Web Services

• Domain, Host & Email set up, in addition to fees set by the hosting provider.
• Individual page layout and content management, including widgets/modules and plugins/extensions. Preparedness goes a long way in speeding up the process of populating a website: what pages are required, what information will appear on each page?
• Embedded video, audio and media feeds
• Content sourcing (images & articles), in addition to fees set by stock providers.
• Keyword inclusive copy writing
• SEO practices including keywords, descriptions, alt text
• Animations – flash or gifs
• Custom graphics and photo editing
• Graphics for website ads, google ads and other promotional sources

This is Your Website

All access links, user names and passwords are provided for your host and email.