Stay In Touch

Staying in touch with your customers with regular emails helps keeping your business fresh in their minds. Newsletters may include information, entertainment or incentives inviting your subscribers to visit your website or real world shop. They may be weekly, monthly, seasonally or simply occasional.

Email Templates

Simple layouts may only include a single eye-catching image with text below. More complex layouts may be divided into columns, looking more like mini-web pages. Usually they are designed to coordinate with your existing website to reinforce your online brand. Real world contact information, a reply email address and links to your website are customary.

Sending a professional looking email newsletter couldn’t be easier. You simply copy the source code and paste it into your email editor.

The banner at the top is the first thing the viewer sees, making this space prime real estate. Banner images are easy to change so that you can feature different products, services, special offers and announcements for upcoming events. Seasonal themes are easy to incorporate without loosing the integrity of your brand.

The content of your newsletter is easy to update. While in Edit mode (not the code side) simply insert your curser or highlight the text you want to change and start typing. You can also use the template to send personalized messages to targeted clients.

An Online History

Files may be stored on your website in the form of an “Newsletter Archive”. You can link to this to inform and entertain visitors. Or you may opt to keep these files private so you can pull out past offers and reuse them. Just be sure to update any time sensitive material.

Emails should provide a link so that the recipient may unsubscribe or confirm that they do not wish to receive future email. There is a fine line between advertising, cold calling and… spam.

Custom Email Graphics

• seasonal postcards
• special offer coupons
• product illustration
• custom text images
• call-to-action buttons

Corresponding Web Pages

• view newsletter online
• newsletter archive
• landing page for special offers
• unsubscribe form