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Could your website from better optimization practices? Contact me and lets discuss how your website’s searchable satis can be improved through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I won’t make any promises about taking your site to the number one position with assorted search engines. There are companies that specialize in this, or so they say. It is a very involved process and they will charge you an arm and a leg for their time. Rightfully so.  If just anyone could do it, we’d all be doing it. That being said, there are a few techniques that I practice that do make a difference.

Content, Content, Content
Including commonly searched keywords and phrases in your copy makes your website more optimized. If you want to use specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, find a way to work them into your writing. Just make sure it reads naturally. The more text you can provide on your subject, the better your odds are for making a match to what your internet audience is specifically looking for. You’re not trying to fool anyone, you just need to make sure that the search engines can recognize your product for what it is.

SEO Copywriting Works To…

Feed Google
Provide Google with high-quality, optimized content and in return your website will receive a page one ranking with the increased traffic of targeted leads to come with it.
Engage Visitors
SEO copywriting is imperative to a successful website.  Think of it as a critical 4-6 second window on the web.  This about how long you have to capture your customer’s attention.
Convert Prospects
When your brand communicates trust, it will lead to a converted prospect. If they don’t trust you, they are going to visit a competitor’s website instead.

Keywords and Phrases
These are the things that people enter when searching online. They must be relevant and consistent with the content of your pages. Use keyword search tools to find the most popular searches, word choices that you may not have considered since industry language and common folk speech can vary, and incorporate these into your message.

The Page Title
The content of your meta tags should match text that appears in the body of the web page.

Domain Name
Buy a domain name that has your number one keyword in it.

Use Meta Tags
It’s the code at the top of a web page that web spiders skim for relevance.

Use Alt Tags
Web spiders don’t see pictures. Label your images with alt tags to help search engines find you.

Header Tags
Use these tags in your content to emphasize important content within your pages.

Your Connections
A website by itself does not generate traffic. If you build it they will come… but only if you tell them about it. If you want people to find your website amongst the billions of other sites out there you have to let them know that it exists.  Get linked.

Social Marketing
Set up a company profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites. These pages provide a quick snapshot of your business, but even more importantly, other’s can follow and share these pages.

Media Networking
Post your photos on sites like Flicker, Imgur and Instagram. Share your videos on sites like Vimeo and Youtube. Then link back to your website.

Social Networking
Be a participant. Commenting on someone else’s profile creates exposure for your own. When they reciprocate their followers get directed to your wall. Find relevant social groups and participate in the conversation. Just don’t spam them with “here’s a link to my site”. Keep the conversation relevant.
Introduce Your Website
Submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Get Listed
Submit your website to relevant website directories.

Book Marking
Remind people who are visiting your website to bookmark it for easy reference – this counts as a link.

Search Engine Optimization – Maximum results for your website

There are many approaches for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From keyword optimization and link building to pay-per-click (PPC) and online ad campaigns, my goal is to get your website maximum traffic and results.

As a complementary service for any website developed and launched by RhinoInk Web Design, I’ll register your site with the major search engines and incorporate best practices to ensure your website has top placement.

In addition we will also provide you with full real-time website statistics and reporting so that you may gauge and measure your website’s popularity. We will also consult with you on how to best market your website in order for you to achieve the best possible results.

We design and develop websites that can be found easily by search engines, and we get your site ranked high.

Every website we build is always fully optimized by our professional SEO team so that the search engines can easily index it for top placement.
PPC and Campaigns
We can help you develop the perfect PPC or AdWord campaign to compliment your website and align with your budget and business goals.
Stats and Reports
You will have access to real time statistics and reports that will show you exactly how well your site is doing as well as who is visiting it.

Search Engine Optimization

The most important component to ensure that your business is found on search engines is SEO. It is crucial to have a functional, well-designed and informative website to capture your target audience’s attention. But this means nothing without any traffic to visit the website in the first place.

Organic Search
Boost relevant and targeted traffic to your company’s website by using the language of your audience.
Link Building
Increase your visibility on search engines by developing targeted exposure on highly trusted domains.
On-Page SEO
Obtain a position on the map by formatting your website to the preference of search engines.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

The internet has become the most relied upon resource in history. Nearly 60% of all businesses worldwide are represented on the web. The goal for every business is to get its website on the first page of the organic listings when a user searches something relevant to its business. This is why SEO services have been an essential and invaluable tool that is necessary for any company’s growth.

SEO is the process of increasing the traffic and ranking of your website through organic searches. The leading search engines use “spiders” or “crawlers” to locate web pages for their algorithmic search results. They are searching for the most relevant content available, so it is imperative that your website is built around a focal point. It is our goal at Edkent Media to bring your website the most relevant searches possible.

How Do We Do It?

• Evaluate what type of audience you are trying to attract
• Determine what keywords you want to rank for

Research will show which keywords are being searched for most often and what the competition is for those keywords.

Focus on the most relevant and beneficial keywords that should be implemented into your specific SEO strategy.

We will build or correct your website’s architecture to make sure that it is clean and accessible to the search engine crawlers.

We move onto building meta tags, writing content, cleaning code, checking keyword densities and building back links.

We will develop a link building plan that is long lasting and includes highly competitive keywords that will need a link building campaign of their own to gain higher rankings.

Variation of your keywords will be used in your backlinks, which will give you the perfect balance and density.

Increasing the number of links that point back to your website from top quality websites is very important to SEO marketing and will help to increase your company’s overall traffic and ranking.

Generate Quality Leads With SEO

Quality SEO is based on building relevance and trust. A search engine isn’t just going to rank your website automatically – you need to persuade it to do so. In the long run, if you try to take short cuts, it won’t lead to optimal results.

Trustworthiness and Relevance are major factors that influence a websites ranking with search engines. Properly targeted keywords tell search engines what a web page is about. Search engines then use this information to decide how relevant the page is to a searcher’s query. To determine whether a website is trustworthy or not, search engines apply complex algorithms that evaluate the quality of inbound links.

Grow your website’s leads and traffic by:
• enhancing your site for keywords relevant to your industry
• and adding links.