Self sufficiency is great, but sometimes you simply haven’t time. No worries! I’m always around to lend a hand.

Take Control of Your Website

Once the design and layout of your website is in place, most are fairly easy to update on your own. You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time, by skipping the technical support and doing it yourself.

Learn to:

edit your WordPress / Joomla website
edit your HTML pages via C-Panel
edit DIY websites with page builders
manage mailing list / newsletter accounts
manage social media accounts

  • CMS Administration
    These pages are only accessible to assigned users with certain permissions – administrators, managers and editors. If you can send an email, you can update a page – it’s that easy. The parts that might not be as straight forward are modules / widgets and add-on components / plugins. These may appear to be complicated at first, but a guided tour and a little hands on practice will change that.
  • Your C-Panel
    Yes. you can update your basic HTML website through your host.  Learn your way around the back end of your website in plain, non-techy English.  You can also manage email accounts, create website back-ups and view visitor stats.
  • Subscribers
    If you do any kind of email marketing you really do need a subscription management service like Mail Chimp, Aweber or ConstantContact to conform to internet law.  These let you create sign-up forms, manage assorted mailing lists and send out large volumes of email.  They also have time delayed messages per new subscriber so you can set up a series of pre-formatted messages (welcome, here’s you free gift, here’s an offer…)  Email service providers claim to be easy, but they are not always intuitive.
  • Social Media
    These days using social media to market your products and services is just as essential as having just a website.  Like it or not, the world is connected through Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest,InstagramYoutube and the such. Why not take advantage of these? They’re free!