CMS Websites

CMS websites
A content management system (CMS) is a software package that provides a simple, non-techy way for editing your website. Just edit and save for an instantly update – no programming knowledge required.

The platforms I work with most often are WordPress and Joomla. WordPress tends to be more chronological, hence it is most often used for blogging and magazine style sites. Joomla is a little more like a library, with information being organized by category. Joomla is ideal for presenting of a lot of information with logical, user friendly menus connecting it all. Both have plenty of add-on options for additional, and sometimes industry specific, performance.

CMS Solutions
Whether you’re showcasing, selling, teaching or entertaining, reach your online goals with best suited CMS solutions for all your online projects.
Social Integration
Save time and maximize exposure when you add your content and have it instantly published on to your website and all connected social media sites.
Training and Support
Training available for your new CMS tools, as well as ongoing support should your need content management services post website launch.

The Two Sides of CMS

Your Published Website
This is what your visitors see. The live content of your site is arranged either in the main body or organized into columns, headers and footers.

Your Administration Panel
This is where you manage the website. Once you’re familiar with the back end, adding new content and updating existing material is as easy as email.

CMS Website Qualities

The information that appears on your website is actually stored in a database, away from the physical files of your website.

Need a gallery? A shopping cart? A membership? These applications are easily added on to increase website function.

Mobile friendly, responsive designs with layouts that change shape per viewing device, are quickly becoming the norm.

The skin that defines your website’s appearance needn’t be as-is right out of the box. It can be modified to match your brand and sense of style.

By date or by subject, CMS sites have a certain flow to how content is organized, plus you decide when and how your visitors get access to information.

Columns, headers and footers, Oh my! With content arranged around your main content, a lot can be said without distracting from your main idea.

The Look and Feel of Your CMS

CMS Websites by RhinoInk
When a CMS platform is first installed it’s rather lacklustre – just a plain jane, functional site without any bells n’whistles.  There are many free templates available that work just fine. For a bit more function, there are lots of free add-ons available too.

The pro versions come with a lot of built in features and may be even tailored towards your specific industry. Plus licensing fees are generally quite affordable when compared to the many hours that would have to be invested to do that sort of programming customization. While a pro template may promise to be plug n’ play, the set up can be a wee bit more complicated than expected. Even if you’re one of those DIY types… a little bit of help to get you started can save you a lot of time and frustration when you’ve got the bigger picture to focus on. Give me a shout!

  • Free VS Pro Skins
    Right out of the box, CMS are websites functional but they aren’t pretty.  For a more polished look they need to be dressed up with a theme (WordPress) or template (Joomla).

    Free Skins

    Free Skins are FREE
    You don’t need to create an account with a theme provider or pay any licensing fees – just download and install.

    Free Skins are Customizable
    With a bit of tinkering from your’s truly, they can be branded specifically for you. They won’t look like same free theme that someone else is using.

    Free Skins are Functional
    They may not have all those fancy bells and whistles that the Pro Templates offer, but do you really need all that? Simplicity has it’s virtues.

    Free Skins are Flexible
    There are many free plugins (WordPress) or components (Joomla) that are easy enough to add if you need additional function. More complex components can be purchased, you then own them and can use them on as many sites as you like.

    Mobile Friendly Skins
    This used to be the deciding factor for going Pro, but now device responsive design is becoming the norm.

    Pro Skins

    Pro Skins are Affordable
    Their license fees are not that expensive. They cost about the same as an hour or so of your designer’s time – time they would have spent doing custom layout and component sourcing anyway.

    Pro Skins are Professional
    Many are designed for specific industries with custom, built-in functions that you just can’t find anywhere else.

    Pro Skins can be Previewed
    When you visit the Demo Page of a theme or template it’s the Pro Version that you’re seeing. It will show you all the features that it has to offer.  This will give you a good idea for your websites’s potential and an opportunity to plan where your content will go.

    Pro Skins Include Demo Content
    This option instantly sets up your entire website to look just like their demo. You can simply wander through the site replacing the filler content with your own. The hard part: do you have enough of your own material? Do not expect the demo content to save you time. Yes, the set up is already done, but now there is a lot more content to address.

Admin Panel Tutorials

• How your admin panel is organized
• How to manage menus, plugins & widgets (WordPress) / components & modules (Joomla)
• How to edit and add new pages, posts
• How to work with page builders
• How to up-load, embed and link media
Admin Panel tutorials available in-person locally in Mississauga and near by area. Tutorials via Skype are also available.

Other Assorted Web Design Services
Accounts domain, hosting and email set-up, back-ups and admin / c-panel tutorials.
Support newsletter and social site support, theme set-up and demo content installed.
Content sourcing, keyword rich copywriting, editing, video and audio embedding.
Up-dates latest information, product updates and component management.
Graphics product images, photo editing, branding, icons, banners and ads.

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