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The information that is displayed on your website is stored in a database, away from the physical files of your website.
Need a gallery? A shopping cart? A membership? These applications are easily added on to increase website function.
Mobile friendly, responsive design, layouts that change shape per viewing device, is quickly becoming the norm.
The skin that controls your website’s layout needn’t have a cookie-cutter appearance. It can be modified for your sense of style and brand.
Whether by date or by subject, CMS sites have a certain flow to how content is organized. You decide when and how your guests get access to information.


Website Layout:
Wordpress = theme
Joomla = template

Functional Add-ons:
Wordpress = plugin
Joomla = component

Info Boxes:
Wordpress = widget
Joomla = module

CMS (content management system) is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It provides a simple, non-technical way of for you to update your content. Just point, click, edit n’ save and your site is instantly updated – no programming knowledge required.

CMS Platforms

There are two parts to a CMS site: Public and Administration. The public side of your website is what everyone sees. The administration is where you add, organize and update your website’s content. Live content is displayed either in the main body of your site or in one of the designated spaces around it – modules or widgets that are found above, below or beside the main.

The platforms I work with most often are WordPress and Joomla. Is one better than the other? I don’t think so. It’s really just a matter of being familiar with them and how you prefer to organize information. WordPress tends to be more chronological, hence it is most often used for blogging and magazine style sites. It’s great for showcasing what’s new. Joomla is a little more like a library with information being organized by category. Joomla is ideal for presenting of a lot of information with logical, user friendly menus connecting it all.

Templates (Themes)

When a CMS platform is first installed it’s rather lackluster – just a plain jane, functional site without any bells n’whistles.  There are many free templates available that work just fine. If you need a little bit more function, there are lots of free add-ons available too.

The pro versions come with a lot of built in features and may be tailored towards specific industries, which is convenient. Plus they are generally quite affordable.  The small amount that you’d pay for a licensing fee more than makes up for the many hours that would have to be invested to do that sort of customization. While a pro template may promise to be plug n’ play, the set up can be a wee bit more complicated than expected. So if you’re one of those DIY types… I can help there too.

Admin Panel Tutorial

• How your admin panel is organized
• How to rearrange menus
• How to edit and add new pages
• How to up-load, embed and link media
In person tutorials available locally in Mississauga and near by area.
Tutorials via Skype are also available – id: RhinoInk

It’s Your Website

All access links, user names and passwords are provided for your host, email and admin.

Content Management Systems: Ensuring your website content is always fresh

At the heart of every successful website is a rock-solid Content Management System (CMS), enabling you the ability to ensure that your website content is always up to date.

The platforms I most frequently work with are WordPress and Joomla, But I have hands on experience with several other systems: Shopify, DIY Page Builder websites, custom built CMS sites and other platforms. CMS sites provide a secure online environment where clients may update their website using easy-to-understand administration panels with easy-use tools – no coding required.

Applications can be installed on your CMS site for easy social integration – applications that enable instant social media sharing so that your fresh content flows across the web.

CMS Solutions

We can either custom develop a solution for your online project, or suggest any number of 3rd party solutions that can be modified to fit your unique goals.

Social Integration

Input your content once and instantly push it to your website and all related social media sites – simple to use and a great time saver.

Training and Support

We’ll provide all the training you need for your new CMS tools, as well as full documentation and ongoing support after the website has launched.

Assorted Web Services

domain, hosting and email set-up, back-ups and admin / c-panel tutorials.
newsletter and social site support, theme set-up and demo content installed.
sourcing, keyword rich copywriting, editing, video and audio embedding.
latest information, product updates and component management.
product images, photo editing, branding, icons, banners and ads.

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